Yunnan Internet illegal and bad information reporting center to carry out network report propaganda into community activities

Yunnan Internet illegal and bad information reporting center to carry out network report propaganda into community activities

In order to guide the public to actively participate in the Internet illegal and bad information report, since September 2021, the Yunnan Internet illegal and bad information reporting center jointly went to 8 communities to actively carry out network reports. The first is the portrait of the Wenguang City, Panlong District, Guandu District, Xishan District, Chenggong District and other districts, and the network report to promote the community activities, involving 8 communities such as the garden, Xunyuan Community, extensive Mobilize community cadres and volunteers to participate in publicity activities. The second is to carry out activities in the landscape joint public security department, and the Tonggong District Net Letter Office jointly promoted the Internet illegal and bad information report promotion and anti-fraud publicity into the community activities, how to identify the Internet illegal and Detailed information is described in detail. On site selection, select publicity points such as people in the community, parks, etc.

First, by placing a publicity showboard, distribute the propaganda manual to the community residents, what is the Internet illegal and bad information, how to identify and report Internet illegal and bad information.

The second is to use the community large-screen loop to put promotional video, more intuitive, vividly display the relevant content of Internet illegal and bad information reports. The third is to set up the consultation and answer, and the staff is patient with relevant issues to answer questions about the relevant issues. The fourth is to forward the Internet illegal and bad information in the residential office WeChat group. Continue to maintain communication with residents after the event, and answer questions in time.

The event, a total of more than 1,000 publicity manuals, and more than 10 exhibition boards were placed, and the good atmosphere of promotion mobilization was created.

The community masses have said that through this event, it has improved the discrimination of Internet illegal and bad information. It has mastered the Internet illegal and bad information reporting methods. It is aware of Internet illegal and bad information reporting channels. More importantly, recognize The importance of this activity will also actively participate in Internet illegal and bad information reports in the future.

Why will the US special forces "Eagle Action" fail?

Why will the US special forces "Eagle Action" fail?

  Production: Protection of Science: Li Xiaobai Plan: Zhao Qingjian: After the end of the Cold War of, the world’s political multi-polarization process continues to deepen, the possibility of large-scale war eruptions is getting smaller and smaller, and the horror power is more and more crazy. Development issues that are generally facing. At the same time, the special forces have a high-efficiency advantage, high combat flexibility, strong strain ability, and gradually become the preferred force in counter-terrorism operations in various countries.

  The US special forces are the world ‘s most powerful and practical experience in the world, and high-intensity anti-terrorism operation tasks around the world. It is inevitable that the US special forces have experienced some lossless operations, and these blood and tears have exchanged experience prompted the rapid growth of the US special forces to promote the strength of the US military special combat power. In recent years, special forces have become more frequent and more frequent.

(Image from the network) Military operations of the hostage crisis, November 4, 1979, more than 50 Americans were built into the Iranian college students in the US Embassy in Tehran. After several months of stalemate, the United States gave up the hostage crisis event to resolve this time through diplomatic channels, and transferred military actions to rescue hostages, code eagle claw action. The whole process of eagle steeds is very complicated, involving the US sea, land, and empty power. The action plan is first carried by the air force 6 modified C-130 transport aircraft to the fuel needed to move, and the equipment starts from Masira, Oman. At the same time, eight RH-53D "sea raw horses" heavy helicopter Under the driving of the Marine Warfare, take off from the Nimes aircraft carrier who wandered in the Arabian Sea, and the two-brackets took the way of ultra-low-altitude flight, and the "Desert No. 1" will be combined in the scheduled place in Iran. Then, the C-130 is the RH-53D helicopter to supplement the fuel, the assault team is equipped with the second meeting of the helicopter to fly from the suburbs of Tehran, and hide the ground.

After the next day, the assassin was taken by the truck who was prepared by the CEO of the Secretary of Love into Tehran. On the other hand, the commander was rescued in the embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Zarie Airport. After the action, the assault team leads the hostage to take the RH-53D helicopter to the Manzurie Airport, abandon the helicopter, and turn the flying C-141 transporter to evacuate. The assault team of the implementation task is mainly composed of the Delta commando, and the Delta Commander founder Charlie Baker Wiks colonel (picture from the network) Eagle claw action was implemented before the defeated Eagle claw action, the US military will participate in the army The forces of the soldiers have organized a five-month training simulation training, and for the combat plan for the helicopter and other equipment such as a helicopter.

On April 24, 1980, the joint contingent began to act when the weather in Iran was sunny. However, the eight RH-53D helicopters have just been taken off, and there is a mechanical failure and is forced to exit actions. If you don’t have a misfortune, the remaining seven helicopters have encountered unpredictable strong sandstorms, and a helicopter has a serious failure, and has to return aircraft carrier.

Before the RH-53D cluster arrived at the Desert No. 1, he accidentally encountered a smuggled tanker and a bus equipped with more than 40 people, increasing the risk of exposure of action.

  After all of the six RH-53D helicopters arrived, it has been more than 90 minutes later than the scheduled time.

Six RH-53D helicopters have been a minimum number of implementation tasks. When preparing action, a helicopter cannot perform tasks due to hydraulic failure. At this time, only five remaining helicopters, on-site commander Baker Western University After careful consideration, apply to cancel the task and prepare for evacuation.

To make matters worse, when preparing to evacuate, a RH-53D helicopter low-altitude flight hit the C-130 transporter, and the explosion of the occurrence caused eight US military death. Baker Western decisive order, abandon the existing helicopter, all personnel were evacuated by the C-130 transporter, and the eagle steward action finally ended.

In the eagle steak, the helicopter of the explosion of the collision (picture from the network) blood and tears exchanged in a certain extent, the eagle steward action is destined to be failed, the tragic lesson of eagle stewards is deeply stabbed. In order to promote the construction of the US military special combat system, the development of special equipment. The failure of eagle claws is mainly caused by two aspects. First, the action plan arranges a more redundant and potential risk.

Eagle claw action requires a plurality of military and soldiers in the United States. There are many action links, and the development of the contingent super low altitude and long-distance attacks. In two meeting points, the transfer, the process of the process is multi-channel, and the evacuation process is also more complicated. Especially in Tehran has a large number of Iranian military power, any error will cause irreparable accidents.

  Furthermore, the combat action is prepared. The eagle claw operation is complex. In the development of the military simulation training, it has not been prepared according to the actual situation. Training is not close to actual combat, and the coordination between various military varieties, for example, the RH-53D helicopter group arrives at the desert first, Collisions occurred when preparing to evacuate and fuel.

In addition to the lack of personnel training, equipment and intelligence support also have a serious mistake.

For example, the RH-53D helicopter is an equipment that meets long-distance flights and cannot guarantee enough reliability; on the other hand, the US meteorological personnel do not take into account the sandstorms that often appear frequently, directly cause helicopter failure, and delay the fighter The US Central Bureau agent has not been able to do foot investment when establishing a desert one place. He has encountered a tanker and a bus during action. The failure of action triggered military reforms for the lessons of eagle action failure, and the US military also made a corresponding adjustment. First, the command structure is optimized, and the Special Combat Command (USSOCOM) is established.

Eagle claws expose the defects in the command structure in the United States military combine, and the Special Combat Command is based on the concept of joint operations, leading the US military special combat troops, implementing daily joint operation training, and achieves unified command deployment during the war. The combat action is affected by coordination in the joint operation.

The Special Combat Command is not limited to joint command, but also in accordance with the operational need to integrate special combat support security, for the operation of the combat needs to organize the development of weapons and equipment, procurement of special operations, and further promote the improvement of American special combat systems.

  In addition to the Special Competition Command, the US military also established the 160th Special Operations Airline specialized in special operations, providing special force to special force transportation, attack and other special combat support actions. In order to meet the needs of special operations, the pilots of the 160th Special Operations Airlines subjected to special training, and equipment specially modified special combat model helicopters for special combat needs. The American Special Combat Command Unified Leadership Commands the Special Forces of the US Military Special Forces Eagle Action is a classic special combat action that is often mentioned, although the ending is defeated, but there is an important guide to the development of special operations. The eagle stewed action has promoted the development and construction of the US special combat system, which provides a reference for the development of special forces worldwide, and some countries have followed the United States, establish their own special combat unified commanding agency, and equipped with special weapons and equipment for special forces. Support for strength. Author brief introduction Li Xiaobai, member of China Aviation Society, military science author, published hundreds of articles in many well-known military journals and well-known websites, and articles have been cited by international wiskin CSBA.

I have been engaged in adolescent national defense education science work, I have won the first prize of the 8th National Future Aircraft Design Competition of China Aviation Society.

Voorzitter, voorzitter van China Telecom: Digitale infrastructuuraansluiting Onbeperkte toekomst

Voorzitter, voorzitter van China Telecom: Digitale infrastructuuraansluiting Onbeperkte toekomst

Een paar dagen geleden, voorzitter van Coriwen, voorzitter van China, in de openingsceremonie van de World Mobile Communications Conference in de openingsceremonie van de World Mobile Communications Conference, deed het denken en praktijken van China Telecom.

Ke Ruiwen zei dat onder de promotie van wereldwijde digitale golf, een hoge snelheids-generaal, hemel en aarde, cloud-netwerkintegratie, intelligente behendigheid, groene koolstofarme, veilige en bestuurbare intelligente uitgebreide digitale informatie-infrastructuur, een gemeenschappelijke gemeenschap is geworden. behoefte.

China Telecom heeft al vele jaren aan cloud-netwerkintegratie gehecht.

In termen van netwerk heeft China Telecom ‘s werelds grootste 5GSA gebouwd om een ??gedeeld netwerk te bouwen, het grootste NB-IoT-netwerk, het grootste Gigabit-glasvezelnetwerk, enz. In termen van cloud is de IDC-schaal van China Telecom in China eerst in China en is het Share Computing Share eerst in de wereldwijde operator. In termen van cloud en netwerk wordt China Telecom ge?mplementeerd in overeenstemming met de netwerkbronnen, en de netwerkplanning zal bewegen, de netwerk- en cloud-integratie, en waar is de cloud, waar is de netwerkimplementatie.

"Technologie cre?ert de toekomst. Technologie is de kernkracht van de wereldwijde telecommunicatie-industrie, bediening is een extern prestatievorm. Ontwikkeling en upgraden zijn op technologie gebaseerde ondernemingen.

Ke Ruiwen is van mening dat cloudnetwerk verbonden is met de toekomst, China Telecom heeft het voortouw genomen bij het bereiken van de uniforme werking van cloud, netwerk, en het in de wereld. Het is toegewijd aan het bevorderen van de fusie van wolk en netwerk van fysiek gereageerd op chemicali?n REACTIES, waardoor transcendentie is op basis van traditionele natuurkunde voor de wereldwijde digitale economie de netwerkverbinding en presenteert de kenmerken van intelligentie, veiligheid en groen. De intelligente verbinding is om de automatisering en intelligentie van cloudnetwerkwerking te bereiken en Yunwang moet zich actief aanpassen aan de bovenste toepassing. China Telecom zal Sleuteltechnologie?n zoals Network Micriger, Digital Twins en AI automatische regeling doorbreken en Cloud Network Resources, Gegevens en Mogelijkheden integreren en Toepassingen van de levering Cloud Netwerk in de hele industrie. Veilige verbinding is om het beveiligingssysteem en de mogelijkheden van het Cloud-netwerk vast te stellen, reageert op uitdagingen voor netwerk- en informatiebeveiliging. China Telecom zal zich concentreren op kerntechnologie?n zoals veiligheid, wolk primaire veiligheid en gegevensbeveiliging, en bieden diensten in nood op aanvraag, elasticiteit en om veiligheid te bereiken.

De groene verbinding is om nieuwe technologie?n, nieuwe modi aan te nemen en de brandstofverbruikreductie van digitale infrastructuur continu te bevorderen, waardoor koolstofemissies wordt verminderd.

China Telecom zal de Network Architecture en Cloud Network Resource Layout blijven optimaliseren, introduceren van nieuwe bouwmodellen en AI-technologie, verhogen de verhouding van de hernieuwbare energie en het bereiken van koolstof-up, koolstofneutralisatie.

De wereldwijde krachtvraag zal bijvoorbeeld een snelle groei van het energieverbruik van datacenter brengen. Planning om een ??redelijke distributie en gebruik van stroom te bereiken, een groot energiebesparend doel te bereiken.

China Telecom heeft de leiding genomen bij het voorstellen van het idee van integrnet en leidde de ITU om het ge?ntegreerde netwerk standaardraamwerk te leiden, en het ge?ntegreerde netwerk is een groene verbinding, wat de kenmerken en belangrijke componenten is van de digitale infrastructuur van de cloud-netwerk-integratie.

Het digitale tijdperk dat komt, zei Ke Ruiwen dat China Telecom bereid is om technologie en oplossingen te delen in cloud computing and cloud-netwerk-integratie, 5G om een ??gedeeld, gigaby breedband, enz., Werk samen met collega’s uit alle lagen van het leven om samen te werken Leid de nieuwe technologie. Werken met de industri?le ecologie en werk samen om een ??mooie toekomst van de digitale economie te cre?ren. (China Telecom-bijdrage) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

Wenshan Prefecture is carried out from 3 to 11 years old children’s new crown vaccination

Wenshan Prefecture is carried out from 3 to 11 years old children’s new crown vaccination

In order to protect the health and safety of children’s groups, further build a campus epidemic prevention and control fort, Wenshan State launched a 3-11-year-old children’s new crown vaccination work. According to the principle of informed voluntary, children in the age of 3-11 need to accompany the inoculation process in the whole process of the guardian.

At present, Wenshan State has launched a 3-11 year old children’s new crown virus vaccination work.

On the afternoon of November 5, the reporter saw in the state of the national gymnasium vaccination. Students in the Shanshi Xiaodong Campus took the class as a group, and the class teacher took the team, a guardian accompanied by, batch, and in order to complete information Register, inoculate, 30 minutes to stay. After the student vaccinated the vaccination, the guardian should conduct a healthy observation of no less than 24 hours. If it is discomfort, it should be treated in time and report it to the inoculation unit. There are two inoculation points of the state gymnasium in Wenshan City, the Panlong Stadium, inoculation time to take a break in the morning to 5 pm, half an hour after noon.

Each vaccination site has a pediatric emergency emergency personnel to resident security, and children apply the first aid equipment for drug supply. There are 120 first aid lives on the spot.

It is understood that the vaccination of new crown virus vaccination from 3-11 years old in Wenshan State is mainly organized by kindergartens, schools, villages (communities) to organize inoculation points or inoculate in the temporary inoculation point set by school. Or by the guardian to accompany the appointment, go to the inoculation point inoculation, specification is subject to the announcement of counties (cities).

Experts, at present, vaccination is the most convenient, direct and effective means of epidemic prevention and control. Please take parents to eliminate doubts, hit the vaccination to attack the safety nets of the war, and accelerate the establishment of a group immunization barrier.

(Luo Li) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Wuyishan National Park found national secondary protected animal yellow throat

Wuyishan National Park found national secondary protected animal yellow throat

Wuyishan National Park Infrared Capture Captured Pradesh Picture.

People’s Network Wang Milling Recently, Wuyishan National Park researchers found a video and clear photos of the national second-level protected animals who were photographed on December 29, 2020 at the national second-level protected animals who were captured on December 29, 2020.

It is reported that the yellow throat is a typical carnivore, insects, fish and small birds and beasts are in its predation, and can also be combined to kill large beasts, such as small boat, macaque, leopard cat, and even small boar.In the southwestern China, there was a record of the giant panda cub.

The amount of yellow throat is relatively rare, and the number of rodents in the forest ecosystem can be regulated, which is extremely sensitive to habitat interference and habitat crushing, and is considered to be a forest ecosystem health instruction species.

Xinhua Times: Let ecological civilization become civilization around you

Xinhua Times: Let ecological civilization become civilization around you

Original title: Xinhua Time: Let ecological civilization become the civilized "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan", the ecological civilization concept of the civilization, but destroying the behavior of the ecology is still happening – Dache Desert protective forest is destroyed, small to Big truck with mud road, etc. This shows that let ecological civilization become civilization around you, and you still need you to work together.

Ecological environment relationship of people’s well-being.

Promote green development methods and lifestyle, both for everyone, and needs everyone to participate. One place destroying the protective forest regeneration other crops, and some economic benefits have sacrificed more places to make greater ecological benefits; a company blindly exploits, and the enterprise and site have harvested the economic interests in front of them, but they sacrificed long-term ecology. Benefits; a village is stacked in the river, and the upstream saves money, but sacrifies the lower downstream environmental interests.

To make ecological civilization become civilized by the world, on the one hand, we must improve the overall supervision of the whole society, and the mechanism of the full-scale prosecution, on the other hand, to encourage and reward ecological value-added behaviors, and increase typical propaganda of ecological civilization around me.

To make ecological civilization become civilization around you, local officials not only want to observe some "template", but also go out of their own hospital, and there may be garbage violations, "folks" "dead angle" that has dust-fired pollution Go to unannounced visit. To make the ecological civilization become civilization around you, it is necessary to change the psychological habit of "advise others to be easy, it is difficult to do it."

With the increasing social fluidity, the ecological environment of each person is not "an acre three-point land". You are discarding harmful garbage today. Maybe it will become an acid rain to the head of yourself or your loved ones. superior.

(Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Yunnan-sleutel implementatie van 35.000 km plattelandsveiligheid Levensbeschermingsproject

Yunnan-sleutel implementatie van 35.000 km plattelandsveiligheid Levensbeschermingsproject

Oorspronkelijke titel: focus op de veiligheid van plattelandsveiligheid Levensbeschermingsprojecten, "de meningen van het General Office of the People’s Government Of Yunnan Province over verdere versterking van het landelijke verkeersveiligheidswerkzaamheden" (hierna aangeduid als "meningen") Voorgesteld om plattelandsveiligheid Life Protection Engineering te bevorderen, gericht op de implementatie van het Wanjin Rural Highway Safety Life Protection Project voornamelijk door dorpsweg. Om weg verkeersongevallen in plattelandsgebieden van de provincie effectief te voorkomen en te verminderen, is het veiliger om ervoor te zorgen dat de reizen op het platteland veiliger en vlot, "meningen" is, in het administratieve dorp (Gemeenschap) in landelijke gebieden (Gemeenschap), verdieping en verzekering, post en andere ondernemingen, constructie van politieagenten, politiepost en andere politie-ondernemingen verkeersveiligheid overtuigingsstations, co?rdineren de verdeling van politieagenten in de stad en de gemeente, bevorderen stedelijke politiemacht naar landelijke gebieden; redelijke lay-out van het verkeer Politie-squadrons, versterking van professionele managementkrachtconstructie; Landelijke weg verborgen gevaren Grading en onderzoeken en governance-normen, het uitvoeren van veiligheidsrisico’s in provinciaal, staat, provincie drie niveaus vermelding, versterkende tracking, waardoor het aantal tijdslimiet in de opgegeven tijdslimiet wordt gewaarborgd. In verhouding tot de veiligheid van plattelandsveiligheid en leven, zal het land blijven streven om te investeren in de investering in plattelandsveiligheidsfaciliteiten en zal worden opgenomen in de wegen van de provincie en township van plattelandsgebieden van de 2020, en de Tongcun-snelweg Safety and Life Protection Project is inbegrepen. Verdere consolidate County Township De resultaten van Governance voor verkeersveiligheid, gericht, gericht op de implementatie van het Wanjin Rural Road Safety Life Protection Project voornamelijk door dorpsweg.

  In de toepassing van wetenschaps- en technologie-informatie zullen we de toepassing van de informatiesystemen voor plattelandsveiligheidsbeheer volledig bevorderen, de provincie, township (straat) twee "boerderij" -app-applicaties verbeteren; afhankelijk van "tianwang-project" "Snow Engineering" en Andere constructie versterken de constructie van het sleutelwegsegment van plattelandsgebieden, bevordering van videobewaking, bajonet, enz. Ontwikkelen van plattelandsvervoer, aanpassen aan de nieuwe trend van plattelandsontwikkeling in plattelandsgebieden zoals woonplaats en geboortestad en actief de stedelijke en Landelijke schoolbus, aangepaste route personenauto, verhoog de "onmiddellijke gebruikswagen", enz. Activiteit, studenten en andere reisvoertuigen. Nieuwe landelijke snelweg moet de constructie van monitoringfaciliteiten van transporttechnologie ondersteunen en het niveau van het managementtechnologie verbeteren. "Administraties" -vereisten, versnellen van verkeersveiligheidswethandhavingsstations en transporttechnologie Monitoring Faciliteiten Apparatuur Construction, bouwen een landelijke verkeersveiligheids- en controlesysteem integratie van menselijke verdediging, fysieke verdediging en technische verdediging; een gezamenlijke wetshandhaving op lange termijn mechanisme instellen, Normalisatieorganisatie om speciale rectificatie-actie uit te voeren, regelmatige rectificatie van het wegverkeer, illegale constructie, zonnende voedsel, illegale operatie, enz. Controleren, straf, afhankelijk van openbare veiligheidsverkeer politie wetshandhavingsstations, landelijke verkeersveiligheid overtuigingsstations, enz. Het probleembestuur, ernstig scheuren op overbelasting overbelasting overbelasting, gedwongen ponsen en resoluut de overtreding van verkeersvoertuigen om overbelasting te overbelasten. Hoe een verkeersreservaatsysteem te bouwen? "Meningen" duidelijk opgerichte transport noodhulpstations in steden (straten), en redelijkerwijs gebouwd het noodhulppunt van plattelandsverkeersongevallen, en omvatten de centrale ziekenhuizen langs de circulaire naar het transport noodhulpsysteem, uitgerust met ambulance en noodzakelijke eerste hulpmiddelen , Apparatuur, versterking van de politie-discipline, implementeren van noodhulpmiddelen en overdracht; vestigen noodsituaties, verwijdering, reddingssysteem, versterking van noodprofessionele training, verzoenen de afdeling om "lege integratie" reddingsbehandeling uit te voeren. (Li Dandan) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Deel meer mensen om te zien.

Xiongan New District will create "Xiongan Agriculture Cloud"

Xiongan New District will create "Xiongan Agriculture Cloud"

Original title: Xiongan New District will build "Xiongan Agriculture Cloud" to promote agricultural production digital Xiongan New District will create "Xiongan Agriculture Cloud" learned from the relevant departments of Xiongan New District, Xiongan New District will enhance production management information level, Ancheng Calculation (Excellent Cloud) Center, building an agricultural data center, and build "Xiongan Agriculture Cloud". According to reports, Xiongan New District will vigorously develop digital agriculture, use satellite remote sensing, aviation remote sensing, ground material networking and other means, dynamically monitor important crop planting type, planting area, soil love, crop longitude, disaster situation, timely release warning information.

Create "Agriculture +" model, mainly in modern agriculture, the theme of the Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology, focusing on the intersection and traditional cultural experience, red cultural inheritance and agriculture combined with agriculture, construction of a special town. Integrate the elements such as technology, intensive, cultural, red spirit and education, create five agricultural tourism routes, vigorously develop "agricultural +" new format. Create a new model of "agriculture + technology".

According to the Eastern Pacend and Start Area, play the function of science and technology park, show modern agricultural science and technology such as agriculture, intelligent cold chain logistics, and agricultural product digital transactions, create "Xiongan Citizen Center – Tower Town – Daxing Town – Zhanggang Township – Xiongzhou University Building "Science and Technology Experience Route. Create a new model of "agriculture + contribution".

Using the ecological resources of the Xiongan Country Park and the surrounding forest plaque, the natural scenery of the Linge District and the geothermal resources, integrate modern social service capabilities, and create "Xiongan Citizen Center – Millennium Xiu Lin – Xiongzhou University Building – Huang Wan Village "Zhao Zhuangzi Village – Baiyangdian" Water Towns’ Competition Road. Create a new model of "agriculture + culture". Relying on Baiyangdian cultural tourism resources, traditional Chinese medicine cultural resources and farming culture, make full use of cultural tourism resources such as Gujing Bay, Twelve Lianqiao, Bianque, and Zhangzhou Temple, and create "Longwan Town – Zhangzhou Town – Town Township – Zhao Beikou Town "Cultural Sightseeing Route.

Create a new model of "Agriculture + Red Spirit". In-depth digging red cultural elements, talking about red stories, promoting the spirit of patriotism, tandem in the village, Baiyangyuan Yuanyuan Memorial Hall, with a variety of forms of scenes, revisiting red years, commemorative exhibitions, etc. "Anzhou Town – Duancun Town – Baiyangyuan" Red Tourism Route. (Reporter Zhang Weiya) (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Xuchang Xuke: Talking about the dissemination of cultures

Xuchang Xuke: Talking about the dissemination of cultures

In recent years, Xu Ji Group has established a "three lecture platform" in the corporate culture lecture hall, the moral lecture hall and the party member pioneer, in-depth, vigorous image, carry out socialist core values, corporate culture basic value concept and advanced typical deeds, Speaking of the story, let the corporate culture into the heart, penetrate into each employee life and behavior, enhance human literacy and spiritual temperament, let corporate culture lecture hall, moral lecture hall and party pioneer forum become culturally spread, root The base layer, the application of the base layer, effectively play the exemplary driving role in the development construction of the group, expand the typical aggregation and incentive effect of culture. Fully talked about the story of the story of the party, the team of the team, and established the team of the party membership tutor composed of honor lecturers, special lecturers and partyers.

According to the work plan of the Party Meeting Teachers, organize the topic training of the party membership, surrounding how to conduct a centralized training, emphasizing that the party’s class must closely combine Xu Ji actual, highly fused the center, and the party membership To make the feelings, full of passion, enthusiasm, and improve the level of speech. Improve the appearance of the cultural position to strengthen publicity environmental construction, make unified planning and clear requirements for the construction of party construction cultural publicity environment in the office, conference, plant, production environment.

Organize window demonstration units to carry out publicity environmental construction and communication, clarify the key content of the party building culture publicity environment, carry out the construction of party construction culture.

Carry out the unified "Xu Juan Xuan" logo design, reflect the nature of party construction culture, and form a personalized promotional brand. Perfecting the platform of culturalities, through hierarchical organization, in-depth "three lecture platform" activities, do a good job in the situation of the central spiritual situation and the publicity of the group decision-making deployment, and doing activities with party construction activities, spiritual civilization construction activities In combination with employee cultural activities, caring employee activities, promoting the quality education of party members and employees.

"Telling things around people, people around you, people teach people around you" are fundamental forms, through a variety of forms, different levels of lectures, forums, and classrooms to play advanced typical radiation. Combined with the theme party day activities, effectively play the body’s role of the branch and the enthusiasm of party members, all party members have new realm in their minds, and there is a new breakthrough in the idea. There is a new improvement in the quality, give full play to ordinary party members The main role in advanced sex education, "Let the advanced truly enter the hearts, let the model truly trees." Xu Ji Group continued to deepen the story, and the story of the heart is in the heart, the story is touching, "three lecture platform" to produce adsorbent people, shocking the power; in a wide coverage, the number size, all members participate, employee The participation is significantly improved; in the mechanism, the evaluation mechanism is established to improve the platform construction. According to the participant’s feedback, the platform construction is continuously improved, so that cultural communication is truly implemented.

Integration uses the "three lecture platform", Xu Ji Group continues to expand the participation of activities, improve the influence of activities, build "grassroots activities, group tour, annual observation", and stereoscopic preaching, so that "three lecture platform" "The dissemination of cultural stories is more strong, the foundation is more solid, and the practice is more deeper, and the results are more obvious.

(Xu Changshi Xu Ji Group Chen Wei) (Editor: Yu Siyuan, Yang Xianina).

Yang Yu Meets with the Consul General of Myanmar in Kunming

Yang Yu Meets with the Consul General of Myanmar in Kunming

On October 17th, Yang Yu, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee, and the Minister of the Municipal Party Committee met with the Consulate General of the Consulate General of the Myanmar, Wu Dada, a line, contending the epidemic joint defense, promoting the construction of China-Myanmar, and building border economic cooperation areas. , Open a new channel of the port new channel. Yang Yu welcomed Wu Shaoda’s first visit to Linyi.

She said that Linyi is connected to Myanmar landscape, and "cytophagia" is long, and the friendly exchanges between both parties and mutually beneficial cooperation have been. Take this opportunity, I hope that the general conference will strengthen the new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation association and continue to promote the construction of China-Myanmar new channels, promote the construction of the Burmese side, and build the Qingshuihe border economic cooperation area, open water The second channel of the river and the South umbrella – fruit dare second channels are further promoted. Wu Shaoda said that it is very much agreed with the cooperation matters from Linyi City. During the job in Yunnan, it will actively provide convenient conditions to further broaden the cooperation areas of Myanmar and Linyi and exchange channels, and will be committed to promoting Linyi and Myanmar. Friendly relationship between friendly cooperation continues to develop forward.

I hope that both parties will maintain the smooth communication of China and Myanmar, promote the development of bilateral economic and trade, and promote peace and stability in the border areas.

Lu Zhihua, deputy mayor of the municipal government to meet. Wu Dadang will also go deep into the Town, Town, Kang, Hummer, and Cangyuan in Linyi. (Li Weiyuan Wang Hongbin) Source: Linyi Daily (Editor: Wooden Shengyu, Xu Qian) Sharing let more people see.