"If the leading cadres are not observed by the law, how is the masses abide by law?"

"If the leading cadres are not observed by the law, how is the masses abide by law?"

From an episode, we can see Xi Jinping’s speeches on the rule of law. During the Work of Zhejiang, Xi Jinping has many ways to withdraw the town. It is recommended to set up a street.

Xi Jinping said that any reform must be in accordance with the law. According to the Constitution, the street is not a level of political organs. In the case of the law, it should not be rushing to establish a street people, and the relevant work can be used to set up a street people Work Committee. The way is carried out.

Xi Jinping’s approach, not only solves the specific problems, but also reflects the spirit of the rule of law.

On August 24, 2018, Xi Jinping said in the first meeting of the Central Committee of the Central Committee. In February 2013, Xi Jinping, who was selected for more than three months of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, hosted the fourth collective study of the Central Political Bureau, and the theme is "comprehensive promotion according to law". The fourth Plenary Session held in October 2014, specialized research has been fully promoted. From November 16th to 17th, 2020, the first time in the history of the party held the central government to governing the country, they will clearly know the legal thoughts of Xi Jinping’s rule of law. "How to get along the road after building a well-off society? How to jump out of the ‘history cycle rate’, achieve long-term governance? How to achieve the party and the country’s long-term treatment?" Xi Jinping’s issues raised at the second plenary meeting of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Plenary Session. For the history of history, the deep insight into the times and the deep insight into the era.

The answer is based on the rule of law.

"The two experiences tell us that the more complicated international and domestic environment, the more heavy reform and opening up and socialist modernization tasks, the more we must use the rule of law thinking and the rule of law to consolidate the role, improve the ruling method, improve the ability to enhance the ability, guarantee The party and the country have a long time to cure.

"Twenty-eight major since the 22nd," comprehensive management "has been included in the" four comprehensive "strategic layouts, the importance of the rule of law is improved to an unprecedented height.

After the 19th National Congress, the Party Central Committee established the central government to consulate the national committee, strengthen the top design, Xi Jinping personally hang, and hosted the Central Committee of the Central Committee.

For the new era of the rule of law China construction, the layout, the blueprint, Xi Jinping is both a top-level designer and is also a practitioner.

"I swear: Loyalty to the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, maintain the authority of the Constitution, perform the legal duties, loyal to the motherland, be loyal to the people, do their own position, honest and honest, accept the people’s supervision, to build a strong democratic civilization and beautiful socialist modern power struggle!" According to law Governing the country, the first is to govern the country. On the morning of March 17, 2018, the scene of Xi Jinping solemnly oath made people’s impressive, this is the first constitutional oath ceremony held in the National People’s Congress since the founding of New China, and the first constitution of the National Chair in New China.

On May 28, 2020, the People’s Republic of China was promulgated. The next day, Xi Jinping hosted the 20th group study of the Central Political Bureau to study, abide by the leading cadres at all levels in the theme of "Effective Implementation of the Civil Code", and to protect the Civil Code. The real problem is complex and diverse, and it is endless. How to improve the legal system as soon as possible, and tight the cage of the system? "To study rich legislative form, you can engage in ‘large block’, but also to engage in ‘small fast, enhance the targeted, applicability, operability of legislation.

"Xi Jinping is the direction of the basic guidance of good governance.

In recent days, the movie "Changjin Lake" is hot, and the volunteer warrior has moved countless people in the anti-US aid charter.

However, well-known large V Luo Mouping continuously issued the volunteer army in the network platform. He paid a price for his shame. According to the laws such as criminal law, British protection law, the police summoned Luo Mang to summon and confused.

Soon, the procuratorate was arrested and arrested and arrested in the investigation of Luo Moufei with the honorary of the martyrs. This guidelines are from drafting, only one year.

"Along the way" in the fight against SARS return to work remember enterprises adhere to the production of electric power supply to protect the Iraqi people

"Along the way" in the fight against SARS return to work remember enterprises adhere to the production of electric power supply to protect the Iraqi people

Reference News Network August 10 report (text / White) suffered years of war-torn Iraq’s current new crown epidemic is still spreading, China has repeatedly providing medical material assistance and send experts to Iraq.

Currently working in Iraq to adhere to ten thousand Chinese employees in difficult circumstances trying to overcome all kinds of difficulties, insist on the quality and quantity of production and construction. Chinese-funded enterprises to actively carry out prevention deploy, join the fight against SARS with Iran, is Iraq a stable supply of energy, economic and social development and the fight against the epidemic contributed.

Iraqi summer maximum temperature exceeded 50 degrees Celsius, hot weather makes the surge in electricity consumption, electricity gap further expanded, which is not only a test of Iraq’s power system, but also a test power plant in central Germany, matter Iraqi province of Wasit. This being built by Shanghai Electric Group and participate in the operation and maintenance of the power plant is the largest thermal power plant in Iraq, the new crown during the epidemic has supported Iraq’s electricity supply. The new crown to the normal operation of the plant epidemic has brought a great impact, in Iraq led to flight cancellations and closed airports Chinese staff suspended normal rotation, many Chinese engineers working in Iraq has been more than a year, they are under tremendous physical and mental pressure.

Due to the epidemic leading to ports, airports shut down, roads blocked, power plant routine maintenance required to purchase spare parts can not be normal, this also brings great challenges to the established maintenance plan, matter German power plants. In the absence of spare parts, Chinese engineers with Iran owners active communication links to try to make purchases from local channels, while adjusting parameters, self-made spare parts, to find ways to stabilize the systems, in the first four months of this year the arrival of summer as scheduled successful completion of this year maintenance tasks, so that the plant continues to run smoothly in the peak summer period. In all Shanghai Electric joint efforts, China things German project department immunization production with both hands, no one home, no one infection, one day work stoppage, full fearless heat and epidemic stick to their posts, making the six-unit, matter German power plants to stabilize the security run, the Iraqi people sent a cool summer.

In northern Iraq Salahuddin province, built by China Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. Salahuddin Fuel Gas Unit 1 power plant project under construction is in full swing.

The project as northern Iraq’s first post-war reconstruction of power projects, takes the responsibility to solve the problem of power shortage in the northern region. The project is expected to go into production by the end of 2020, will help to improve the local economic level, which greatly improve the situation in Iraq is facing shortage of electrical energy at the same time can also create more than 1,000 local jobs.

Currently adhere to overcome more than 1,500 Chinese project staff rotation difficult, difficult issues such as logistics, quality and quantity to complete the construction project more important node during the epidemic, put into production by the end of the 1st unit has laid a solid foundation.

Political science professor at Baghdad University, Sheikh Sabah in an interview with "Reference News" reporter, said that China area all the way to national initiatives to promote mutual benefit and Iraq in the post-war infrastructure severely damaged, undone, China has a mature technology company and advanced experience, I believe that Chinese enterprises in Iraq will certainly make a significant contribution to Iraq’s reconstruction and development.

Since February 24 confirmed the first case of Iraq crown new cases, as of now, Iraq has a total of nearly 150,000 cases diagnosed more than 5,000 deaths, the epidemic is most severe in Baghdad.

In recent days, Iraq’s growing new crown of confirmed cases remained at more than 2,000 cases of high, epidemic prevention and control situation is not optimistic. Iraq’s special situation, security situation is grim, safe production is particularly important for the project department. Due to production needs, projects in Iraq funded enterprises typically employ large numbers of local laborers, who live in scattered, causing a huge challenge for the epidemic prevention work. To this end, Anton Oilfield Technology Group is satisfied that Iraq Xi Guer 2 Project Department for the local employees actively explain new crown virus-related knowledge and protective measures, and reasonable arrangements break down according to the local situation, to achieve the effective separation of local employees and the outside world, reducing staff the chance of infection. At the project site require employees to detect body temperature daily, wear a mask full construction, and implementation of time-eating distribution system to reduce the chance of transmission of the virus.

New domestic crown serious epidemic period, under the assistance of Chinese enterprises, Iraq – Iraq-China Friendship Association and Chamber of Commerce-funded enterprises contributed approximately 78 tons of medical supplies fighting the epidemic, rush to the fight against domestic crown a new outbreak of pneumonia. After Iraq’s new crown outbreaks, sent by the Red Cross Society of China and the Chinese epidemic prevention expert group supplies medical assistance on March 7, arrived in Baghdad to assist the Iraqi prevention and control work.

In the direction of Iraq provided a lot of masks, ventilator, nucleic acid detection kit and other supplies and reconstruction of nucleic acid testing laboratories, epidemic prevention to share Chinese experience. Chinese companies are also actively involved in assisting Iraq’s fight against SARS. China Machinery Engineering Corporation during the epidemic in batches donated more than 210,000 masks and other items to quarantine all walks of life in Iraq, the Iranian side has won praise the staff and owners.

China Project Department learned many things German employees after Iraq can not be effective because of lack of self-protection masks, on March 8 donated nearly 40,000 masks to Iraq owners. July 3, China and Germany do the project department again donated supplies to a large number of Iraqi epidemic prevention owners surgical masks, protective clothing, such as oxygen, greatly complement the gap Iraq epidemic prevention materials.

The charity solve our urgent needs, greatly ease the shortage of medical supplies to Iraq staff situation, it has a very important significance in the gradual spread of the epidemic today! German power plant chief engineer, matter Ali Ahmed repeatedly expressed gratitude to the Chinese side, the Chinese side is not only beneficial to the selfless work of epidemic prevention and control, and more to promote the Sino-Iranian friendship between the two sides.

All works that are indicated "Source: Reference Message Network" are not allowed to be reprinted, extracted or used in other ways.

"95 Na" Nucleic Acid Specimen Detectors "Epidemie" Dagelijks [Foto’s]

"95 Na" Nucleic Acid Specimen Detectors "Epidemie" Dagelijks [Foto’s]

Liu Bing’s mobiele telefoon in het "Fire" Mobile Cranks Laboratory Station eindigde in de mobiele telefoon (foto’s op 14 november). In de vroege uren van de ochtend ondersteunde Heilongjiang Provinciaal ziekenhuis het "vuur" Mobile Cranks Laboratorium in Heilong, liu Bing en teamgenoten hebben de detectie van nucle?nezuurmonsters opgevoerd.

Liu Bing, geboren in 1997, is een "vuur" Mobile Crankhak Laboratory Medical Team voor Heilongjiang Hospital. Na de diagnose van gediagnosticeerde gevallen op 27 oktober werd het Provinciaal Ziekenhuis van Heilongjiang voor het eerst geassembleerd voor het medisch personeel om de Black River te helpen.

Uitpakken, desinfecteren, halen van nucle?nezuren … een reeks eenvoudactiviteiten zorgt niet voor de zorg en geduld van Liu Bing. Er zijn 33 medische teams in Liu Bing, en iedereen is ‘s nachts en wordt gehouden in hun respectieve posities. In de ogen van Liu Bing is het laboratorium een ??plaats rechtstreeks aan het virus "face-to-face", en er kan een positief exemplaar zijn in elke acquisitiebuis. Dit werk vereist niet alleen volledige moed, maar heeft ook nauwkeurige bediening nodig.

Liu Bing is een Heihe-persoon, die op het land van zijn geboortestad staat, voelt ze zo ver van zichzelf af.

"Ik weet dat ik nu meer belangrijke dingen heb, deze keer ga ik maar één doel, dat wil zeggen, neem het virus ‘naar" "." Xinhua News Agency Reporter Wang Song Photo.

"Rose" is fragrant

"Rose" is fragrant

Huang Qingli (first from left) inspected the past vehicles and personnel with his comrades. Photo by Duan Xiao in the post, Huang Qingli and his comrades were inspected and registered, measuring body temperature, and epidemic prevention propaganda on past vehicles and personnel.

There are many epidemic prevention work, and Huang Qingli can only videos with children in the rest of the rest. Whenever I saw my younger son crying and looking for her mother in the video, Huang Yaoli couldn’t stop shed tears. "You are just an auxiliary police officer, why are you so desperate?" The neighbor asked Huang Qingli. "As a member of the border defense inspection station, you must be able to get up to the uniforms on the body, protect your hometown, and protect the tens of millions of families in the city behind your body." The mask was also printed deep, and Huang Qingli did not complain at all. Such beliefs are deeply rooted in Xiao Ting, who is also auxiliary police.

She and her husband were ordered to retrograde "Red Code Area". The children left to the elders to take care of them. Due to the large amount of epidemic prevention, she often faced the cold wind at the duty scene for 6 hours. She often couldn’t care about eating, and she was busy late at night.

Most of the members of the "Dragon Protection Police Flower Service Team" are mostly "multi -faceted".

In 2021, Huang Yan had more than 300 days in the port and controlled on duty to effectively ensure the task of "external prevention input" on both wings of the port with the working status of the full diligence.

She also played her own specialties to participate in a temporary meeting with the Vietnam Fang in more than 30 times, assist in handling more than 40 suspected illegal entry cases, investigated and dealt with more than 400 suspected illegal entry personnel, and assisted foreign units to transfer more than 10 batches of more than 1,200 people suspected illegal entry personnel. Essence

In addition, in order to strengthen the propaganda of the port epidemic prevention and control, Huang Yan carefully produced the publicity materials of China and Vietnam, and distributed to the people and widely publicized. The dedication of the sides is the glory of every immigration managing police.

Yang Zhenrong is a new policeman from Qujing, Yunnan.

In order to successfully complete the task, she wore a protective suit 10 minutes in advance before performing the inspection task. "I started to perform tasks with the class, and worn early to avoid delaying service.

"Yang Zhenrong carefully wore the face screen and repeatedly checked the dress in the mirror.

Sometimes, Yang Zhenrong asked colleagues to help take a few photos.

She said that every time her parents saw the epidemic report, they called and asked nervously.

"Send them to see, so as not to worry.

Besides, the more risks, the more meaningful I do.


"Nationaal primair en secundair onderwijs Smart Education Platform" in proefbedrijf worden volledig gelanceerd online versie van de lesbronnen

"Nationaal primair en secundair onderwijs Smart Education Platform" in proefbedrijf worden volledig gelanceerd online versie van de lesbronnen

People’s Network Beijing 1 maart (Reporter Sun Jing, Hao Meng Jia) Leerde van de persconferentie die vanmorgen wordt gehouden, om zich aan te passen aan de nieuwe situatie, promoten van hoge kwaliteitsontwikkeling van basisonderwijs, "Nationaal primair en secundair schoolnetwerk cloudplatform "Een paar dagen geleden tot" nationaal primair en middelbare school Smart Education Platform "en zal eind maart officieel worden gelanceerd. Tijdens het praten over hoe het platform de school effectief zal dienen om de "dubbele reductie" -werk, Li Yugang, het ministerie van Onderwijs, directeur, "dubbele reductie" beleidsversie, het platform van het platform, het aantal bezoeken en het aantal bezoeken en Inhoudsstromen zijn hoog de stijging van de operatie heeft een belangrijke rol gespeeld bij het dienen van "dubbele mijnbouw".

Lu Yugang heeft ge?ntroduceerd dat dit upgrade-gebouw "National Primary and Secondary Wisdom Education Platform", focus op het verbeteren van het bedieningsontwerpniveau, post-class serviceniveau en lesniveau in de klas. In de sector "Docentenstudie", gespecialiseerd in bedrijfsontwerpkolommen, het leveren van subsectie van richtlijnen voor werkontwerp en eerste prijs van nationale basisonderwijsonderwijsresultaten op huiswerkontwerp.

Vervolgens zal het platform de kwaliteitsbewerkingen van over de hele wereld verder samenvatten om te leren van het gebruik van leren.

Om het serviceniveau van de post-class te verbeteren, is het platform gespecialiseerd als een van de zes sectoren, onafhankelijke instellingen, volledig weerspiegelt de aandacht op het post-class servicewerk.

Het platform is algemeen geselecteerd op alle aspecten van de servicebronnen van de kwaliteitsklasse, en er is momenteel 1166 regels.

Tegelijkertijd zijn er ook online musea van National Musea, Digital Musea, "Digital Dunhuang" en enkele universiteiten zoals Peking University, Tsinghua University, en verrijken verder de post-class-servicebronnen van de school.

Om het niveau van het lesgeven van de klas te verbeteren, biedt het platform een ??rijkdom natuurlijk lesbronnen. Het heeft alleen alleen de nationale codes van lesmateriaal en de leermaterialen van mensen. De nieuw toegevoegde cursussen van 116 leerboeken in de nieuw verhoogde lesmaterialen zullen zijn volledig bedekt. ??Gebruik deze tekstboekenversies van plaatsen en scholen.

Lu Yugang onthulde dat de volgende stap, het platform zal ook online gaan voor de rest van de tekstbookversie van de cursusonderwijs, alle nationale programma’s van het lesmateriaal, bevorderen, de meerderheid van de leraren om te leren van kwaliteitsbewijs, optimaliseren Onderwijsontwerp, verrijken de lesinhoud, en verbetert voortdurend de kwaliteit van het lesgeven in de klas, bevordert ook het delen van kwaliteitsbewijsbronnen in plattelandsgebieden, die de nationale voorschriften ondersteunt.

Daarnaast heeft het platform ook een "Double Minus" -werkingsgedeelte op het platform vastgesteld en een aantal plaatsen en scholen aanbevolen om de "dubbele mijnbouw" -werk te implementeren. Deze uitstaande behuizing helpen om elkaars scholen te promoten om van elkaar te leren. Verdere verbetering van het niveau van de school om het werk "Double Minus" uit te voeren. (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Qinhua) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

[Global Finance] India’s 2021-22 Fiscal year economic growth 8.7%

[Global Finance] India’s 2021-22 Fiscal year economic growth 8.7%

Reading volume: In fiscal year in 2021-22, India’s economic scale (GDP) reached trillion rupees, and the data of the last fiscal year was trillions of rupees.

Xinhua Finance Mumbai, May 31st (Reporter Zhang Yadong) Statistics released by the Indian statistics department on the 31st shows that the economic growth rate of India’s fiscal 2021-22 (as of March 31) was%.

In the last fiscal year, India’s economy was shrinking%due to the impact of the epidemic.

According to data from the Central Statistics Bureau of India, from January to March this year, India’s economy increased by%year -on -year.Data show that in fiscal 2021-22, India’s economic scale (GDP) reached trillions of rupees, and the data of the last fiscal year was trillions of rupees.Edit: Tan Rui Statement: Xinhua Finance is a national financial information platform undertaken by Xinhua News Agency.

In any case, the information posted on this platform does not constitute investment advice.Xinhua Finance Statement: The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice.Investors operate accordingly and risk themselves.

"10 O’Clock-integratie van de Chinese harmonie" National Begint het "Passende en negatieve" serviceproces van de Gemeenschap

"10 O’Clock-integratie van de Chinese harmonie" National Begint het "Passende en negatieve" serviceproces van de Gemeenschap

Oorspronkelijke titel: "10 O’Clock-integratie met Chief Classroom" National Starts versnelt het "Passende en negatieve" serviceproces van de Gemeenschap onlangs, een "Passende veroudering" Public Welfare Action is in veel steden in het hele land over, helpt de gemeenschap " Passende veroudering "Serviceproces Help Community ouderen beter in het moderne leven sneller, door rijke en interessante gevarieerde cursussen.

  Sinds eind april dit jaar, Fuzhou, Fuqing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hefei, Zhengzhou, enz. Brengt de oudere industrie-eigenaren op maat gemaakte organisatielaching en praktische oefeningen.

  Het is duidelijk dat "10 uur integratie van de Chinezen" een nationale grootschalige zorg is voor de nationale grootschalige zorg voor de Rongqiao-groep, het onroerend goed van Rongqiao, en de Lin Wenjing Charity Foundation. Eten, financi?n, enz. , lanceer 4 curriculum systemen in Intelligentie, Gezondheid, Kunst en Sport, en helpt ouderen om nieuwe vaardigheden te ontgrendelen in het oudere leven, en helpen hun snelle integratie in het moderne leven.

  In Fuzhou, om ouderen te helpen bij het oplossen van het filosofie-conflicten met de jongeren, integreert Fuzhou Chinees uitnodigingen uitnodigingen Senior Family Education Instructeur van het Ruyan Parent-Child Park om een ??"scheiding van ouder-kind onderwijs" uit te voeren, het moderne te analyseren Wetenschappelijk ouderschapconcept, haal de bevestiging en identiteit van het levendig van de ouderdom.

  In Wuhan en Chengdu zijn de ouderdoms die in het buitenland integreren ook in contact komen met de traditionele Chinese cultuur onder leiding van 2 non-erfenis, en voelen de unieke charme van de Chinese traditionele cultuur. Wuhan Rongqiao uitgenodigd passerende niet-legacy-erfenis Peng Yanhua om het thema "Times Memherden Paper Paper Charm" te brengen, en koos ook speciaal de gebakken winkel voor de belangrijkste grondwet van gehoorstoornissen. Door liefdadigheidsverbinding, laat de liefde verbonden in serie en overdracht . De eigenaren van Chengdu Rongqiao studeerde toen zorgvuldig praktische bewegingen onder leiding van Tai Chi en de erfenis van Zhu Chao, en zeiden dat dat naar huis gaat, het sterke lichaam zal blijven oefenen.

  In Zhengzhou, nodigt Zhengzhou-integratie bankprofessional personeel toe aan de scène, rond de ouderenfraude-kernproblemen "anti-netwerk telecomfraude" om uit te leggen, effectief de anti-fraude en het vermogen van ouderen te verbeteren; in Fuqing is het buitenlandse Chinees van Fuqing Ook werk dat Fuzhou Hall Stomatologisch Hospital de mondgezondheid van de eigenaren is begeleid, die niet alleen de belangrijke kennispunten van de oude mondzorg delen, maar ook een gratis kliniek.

  Dit jaar lanceerde de Rongqiao-groep de Service Merk Slogan "altijd vergezeld", gericht op de full-time industrieservice "Medical Education", die klanten en eigenaren biedt, met temperatuurverzorgingspersoon.

Altijd begeleiden, oude mensen hopen.

In de toekomst, 10 uur integratie, introduceert het klaslokaal ook meer verrijkende cursussen, integratie van de "geschikte leeftijd" leven van meer integratie van de ouderdoms van de ouderdom, het bereiken van "medisch onderwijs en onderwijs, goed leven in het buitenlandse" visie " .

(Editor: Dong Tong, Li Yuan) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

The town of Jinshan is accelerating the construction of a "15 -minute nucleic acid sample circle"!

The town of Jinshan is accelerating the construction of a "15 -minute nucleic acid sample circle"!

At present, Fengjing Town is accelerating the construction of a "15 -minute nucleic acid sample circle". In addition to the existing 31 normal sampling points, Fengjing Town plans to add another 10 normal sampling points. These points are all implemented "one point and one -one -one, one -bit solution", and set the code scanning area, sampling area, buffer area, etc., to publicize the basic information of the sampling point, collect points number, "place code", etc. to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information to achieve information. Open and transparent, facilitate residents to inquire and supervise.

It is reported that 27 nucleic acid sample volunteers in Fengjing Town have recruited another 30 nucleic acid sample volunteers to the society on the basis of this basis, according to the principle of "one belong to one belong to" (that is, 1 medical personnel bring 1 1 with 1 Famous sampling volunteers), strengthen the team of nucleic acid sampling personnel, and meet the needs of normalized nucleic acid sampling.

In order to ensure that the samples are transferred in time, Fengjing Town will explore the establishment of two teams and send samples, arrange a linkage vehicle, wrap it in the area according to the area, and run a circle every half an hour to ensure that the sample is closed quickly and in time. 1 hour sampling, 2 hours of samples, and 6 -hour detection ", truly connecting each link of the" sampling chain ". (Source: I Jinshan) (Responsible editor: Mu Yifan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share more people see it.

The Chinese men’s volleyball team exports Brazil to participate in the World League Men’s Volleyball Men’s main attacker Yuan Dangyi

The Chinese men’s volleyball team exports Brazil to participate in the World League Men’s Volleyball Men’s main attacker Yuan Dangyi

Original title: Jin Dangyi, the main attacker of Jin Men’s Volleyball Team, set off to Brazil on May 31st in the Chinese men’s volleyball team to start the 2022 World Men’s Volleyball League. This is also the team’s return to the World League stage after two years.

The Chinese men’s volleyball team has 17 players this time with the team, and Yuan Dangyi, the main attacker of the Tianjin Food Group men’s volleyball team, is also one of them.

  Under the leadership of the coach Wu Sheng, the Chinese men’s volleyball team conducted a 50 -day closed training at the Jiangmen Base in Guangdong, and the team members were fully prepared at the physical and technical level. At the same time, coach Wu Sheng also polished the overall skills and tactics of the team.

Returning to the World Men’s Volleyball League stage is the first step in the Chinese men’s volleyball team to impact the qualifications of the Paris Olympics. Yuan Dangyi, who has a balanced technical capabilities in front and rear rows, was successfully selected as the participating list. In addition, Peng Shikun, the national offense of the Sanchao Sunbird Men’s Volleyball Team, who has been fighting abroad and last season, will go directly to Brazil to meet with the team.

  In this year’s World League, the Chinese men’s volleyball team will move in Brazil, Basilia, Kuiusong, and Poland, Brazil in the three -week branch. Wu Sheng said: "This time, it is mainly to see where the gap between us and the world’s top men’s lineup is, followed by the development trend of the world volleyball team." (Reporter Xie Chen) (Responsible editor: Li Dan, Zhang Jingqi ) Share let more people see.

[Review Line] Zijin E Review: Zie de Sith Qi, laat moreel licht het land van China verlichten

[Review Line] Zijin E Review: Zie de Sith Qi, laat moreel licht het land van China verlichten

Het grote tijdperk roept op voor Great Geest en de verheven zorg vereist een voorbeeldleider.

Op de ochtend van 5 november kwam Algemeen Secretary Xi Jinping bijeen bij het 8e National Moral Model en Nomination Award in de Grote Zaal van de People, drukte oprechte groeten en gefeliciteerd uit.

Hij ging naar het midden van de vertegenwoordiger en hij probeerde te ruilen en nam een ??groepsfoto.

Het land is niet rijk en mensen zijn niet vloeiend. Moreel model is de benchmark van het nieuwe tijdperk, het model van de beschaving, is ook een pionier in de constructie van spirituele beschaving. Deze keer kregen 68 kameraden het ertoestel van de 8e nationale morele model, 254 kameraden uitgeroepen tot de 8e nationale nominatieprijs van de Nationale Morele Model, een reeks bekende namen, om een ??beschaafdheidsmodel vast te stellen, en het lampje van de moraal verlicht het land van China. Moreel model, het labelen van de geest van de Geest. Iedereen is goed. Het morele model en de winnaar van de nominatieprijs is een werknemer op gewone positie. Elke naam heeft een kracht van vocht achter elke naam.

"Ik moet sneller rennen, ik kan de tijd rennen", Zhang Dingyu is een geleidelijk bevroren symptoom, maar het is volledig toegewijd aan de "epidemie?n"; van de afgelopen 33 jaar heeft Qiu Haibo veel tijd in het land genomen , met uitstekende de Geest van medische vaardigheden, grote liefde en onzelfzuchtige toewijding interpreteert "omgekeerde krijger" en "Times Heroes"; "Zolang er een ademhaling is, zal ik op het podium staan, ik geef mijn best op, Wet alle, negen doden, geen spijt! "At, Zhang Jiamei brengt ons de waarheid … ze tilden door alle lagen van het leven, verlicht onze geest van de sterren met moreel licht.

Mide is goed, toonaangevende beschaafde stijl. "Het grote commending van het nationale morele model, toont de vruchtbare prestaties van de socialistische ideologische en morele constructie, waarbij de geest van de hoogste geest van de Chinese natie benadrukt, de kracht van alle unity en ervaring van het nationale volk condenseren.

"Moral Model and Nomination Award-winnaar, of helpen anderen, of zien de gerechtigheid, of eerlijk betrouwbaar, of toewijding, of filiale vroomheid, ze promoten de socialistische kernwaarden, met behulp van niet-aflatende strijd om de Chinese geest te interpreteren, hooft ook de sterkte van China stijl van de Chinese natie.

Loop hen, zorg voor hen, om ze te promoten, wil gewoon de dertien zien, laat morele zon de wereld bestrooien, vochtig het Chinese land, warm elk hart. Betaal hulde, teken de voorwaartse kracht.

Moreel model is ook de "gewone held" van de mensen. Hun daden kunnen leren, hun geest kan worden achtervolgd. Hun daden zijn levendige studieboeken, onthullen ons, zolang er een stevige ideale overtuiging is, niet-aflatende strijd, de voet doet een normaal ding, en dan kan gewone positie ook een buitengewone prestatie cre?ren, een buitengewoon leven schrijft.

Daartoe, terwijl we het morele model herkennen, moeten we leiden tot de rol van het voorbeeld, de teelt van de positieve energie, beginnend van onszelf, te beginnen met de kleine dingen, met Chongde aan een goed streven naar het dagelijks leven en onder hen te werken. Duitse filosoof Kant heeft gezegd: "Slechts twee dingen in de wereld zijn diep aangeraakt, één is de heldere sterrenhemel, een is onze heat-moraliteit." Je kunt bevestigen dat iedereen voorstandert model, zorgmodel streeft naar Moral Seeds verspreid, en moet een bredere, prachtige landschappen in China laten groeien. (HU HUI) Gerelateerde aanbeveling.