Yunnan Cangyuan New Times Civilization Practice Center Cloud Platform is officially launched

Yunnan Cangyuan New Times Civilization Practice Center Cloud Platform is officially launched

meeting venue. Recently, the New Times Civilization Practice Center Cloud Platform in Linyi City, Linyi City, Yunnan Province, was held, marking the official online cloud platform of the new era civilization in the new era of Cangyuan Autonomous County. This move is realized with the interconnection of the provincial large data platform, effectively improved the level of civilization practices in the new era civilization. In recent years, the Civilization Practice Center of the Cilibu (, station) has adhered to the people, convenience, and benefit people as the starting point and the foothold, according to the "eight" standards, "eight lecture" requirements, create civilized cities and health counties, "Beautiful County City" construction, patriotic health "7 special actions" is a carrier, combined with important time nodes and anniversary, with volunteer service form, take the department self-organizing and joint development, etc., actively carry out theoretical preaching, health and environmental knowledge promotion , Health services, rural practical technical training and other activities, promote the civilized practice activities of the New Times Civilization Practice Center.

Cangyuan solidly promoted the construction of the new era civilization practice center, inviting the New Times Civilization Practice Center of Yunnan Province to conduct online business training, and explain the function and software of the New Times Civilization Practice Center Cloud Platform for detailed explanation, and Layer organizations carry out training, familiar with the business as soon as possible, and enter the role.

Through the line of resource integration, the online vertical and horizontal Unicom’s online line is similar to the universal resonance, effectively open the publicity of the masses, educate the masses, care for the masses, and serve the "last kilometers" of the masses, and strive to build a good voice in the new era civilization practice center. , Carry forward the main melody, create a new performance, and condense the main position. It is understood that the Civilization Practice Center of the New Times Civilization Practice Center in Zhangyuan County was established in April 2019, which included in the provincial pilot construction in the new era civilization practice center in December. Since its establishment, it has built 1 center, 11 colisters, 95 stations, and the establishment of the "8 + N" volunteer service team requirements, the establishment of the head of the county party secretary, the head of the county directly relevant departments, the new era civilization Practice Center Volunteer Service Corps, setting up Yunling Pioneer, theoretical preaching, cultural literature, teaching teaching, medical health, scientific popularization, laws and regulations, health and environmental protection, helping the poor, towel, young 11 volunteer service team, cover all county levels The department, the implementation of the county committee is always responsible, the county party committee propaganda department is promoted, and the various departments of all levels shall grasp the work mechanisms and the county, township, village three-level secretary take the lead, multi-departmental implementation. (Zhao Shufang, Yang Rui Qi Wen / Figure) (Editor: Musheng Yu, Zhu Hongxia).

Xinhua full media + | South China cotton big cotton

Xinhua full media + | South China cotton big cotton

Original title: Xinhua full Media + | South China cotton big house cotton Erken hot clothes wood showcases the new cotton planted (photographs on October 15). The cotton machine is less than 24 hours, and the 550 mu of cotton field in Erken, the cotton field is harvested, and the Xinjiang, Xinjiang, Xinjiang, and the woods in the Xinjiang. "Selling a million yuan this year is not a problem." As in previous years, from March, Erken Hot House is busy in his cotton field like guarding your child. All this is to wait for the moment of cotton harvest in October. Herbaged Hollebag Village, Gu Lebani, Tianshan, Xinjiang, was 49 years old, 49 years old, old age, life experience is quite rich. "I have made her sheep in my early years, I opened a restaurant until 2004, I went to calm down the cotton." Bold, the mind is active, the river, the wood, and the loan of 40,000 yuan contract is 100 acres. cotton. That year, selling cotton not only loans, but there are still many surplus. He firmly tastes the determination of a cotton. For more than a decade, he has steady and stabilized, the cotton field has gradually increased, and 550 mu of cotton this year. In 2017, the cotton Dagui Yuli vigorously promoted land circulation, from sowing to drone to fight medicine, then to pick, agricultural mechanization rate increased year by year, cotton integrated planting cost per mu decreased by 570 yuan per mu, seed cotton acre increased by 100 kg.

  Artificial cotton is cleaner, but the cost is higher. I saw the Cotton Machine "Kung Fu" Rann, the wood, the mint, the cotton collar, the cotton machine, harvested with cotton: "Now, the cotton machine is getting more and more advanced, the net rate is not legged with handmade Even if cotton prices have fallen, it is also cost-effective than manual pick.

"Waiting for a million huge money to sell cotton, it is never weakened in the love of cotton, while planning to sell cotton.

"These cotton gave me a considerable income like honey, relying on cotton, my son has a new house, and her daughter also changed the car, nothing more than the more and more rich life." Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Ge (Responsible : Li Zhiqiang, Wei Xin) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

Wang Guiqiang: Protecting occupational healthy alcoholic liver fatty liver is worth paying attention

Wang Guiqiang: Protecting occupational healthy alcoholic liver fatty liver is worth paying attention

Wang Guoqiang, director of the Department of Infectious Disease Disease, Peking University, Director Wang Guiqiang (Chen Chen) "The liver is a silent organ, which does not have a very obvious symptom, resulting in a timely discovery, can’t be treated in time, etc. It is already liver cancer.

"Wang Guiqiang suggested that in occupational health, the screening of viral hepatitis and early liver cancer should be further strengthened, especially if the high-risk population that does not standardize medical testing, the risk of blood exposure should be screening. Enterprise physical examination should be privacy protection On the basis, targeted the directional screening of liver cancer, early standardization treatment, to achieve the effectiveness of early treatment, and reduce the occurrence of liver cancer.

"Drink itself is also a very important reason for hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer." Wang Guiqiang said that there are now many kinds of vocational behaviors. Pay attention to liver examination in physical examination, and help high-risk employees have found liver cancer in the early stage. It is also caring. Workers need special attention. In addition, fatty liver is also concerned. Wang Guoqiang said: "Now everyone has a misunderstanding, thinking that fatty liver is obese.

And, fatty liver progression is very slow, often there is nothing to feel, to cirrhosis, liver cancer is late.

"He reminded that simple fatty liver monitoring can be, fatty hepatitis must be highly concerned, regular screening, prevent liver cancer.

Taiwan added 9 cases of new championships in the diagnosis of cases of a kindergarten gathered infection

Taiwan added 9 cases of new championships in the diagnosis of cases of a kindergarten gathered infection

  Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, September 6 (Reporter Chen Jixing, Jiang Tingting) Online Epidemic Command Center announced on the 6th: new 16 cases of new coronary pneumonia confirmed cases, 9 cases of local cases, group infection in a kindergarten in Xinbei City, 8 Name children and 1 parent diagnosed.

The person in charge of the Epidemic Command Center said that the positive case may be more, cast a variable in the future epidemic.

  It is understood that the infection source of 9 confirmed cases is the previous kindergarten teacher. The teacher has symptoms on August 27th, and his husband is confirmed in September 5.

At present, 109 people in the group infection, and 75 people should be sized.

  Introduction to the Epidemic Command Center, the kindergarten has a mixed class, and there is a provocative class at night. From the current screening results, the positive rate is very high, worrying. According to statistics, as of now, there are 16035 cases of new coronal pneumonia, including 14,40 cases of local cases; 837 cases of death in 2020, 827 cases of local cases.

  On the 6th, the Epidemic Command Center also announced that although the epidemic slowed, there was still a native diagnosis case of sporadic unknown infection sources. After assessment, it was decided to maintain the epidemic two-level alerts from September 7th to 20th.

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Relying on party building leading to build a beautiful home in Zhong’an online Wuhu Channel Wuhu News Wuhu Information

Relying on party building leading to build a beautiful home in Zhong’an online Wuhu Channel Wuhu News Wuhu Information

  Since this year, Wujiang Town, Nanling County has tightly revolves around the "party construction with farm, farm and promoting party construction", exploring the grassroots "party building + farm" working model, and guide party members and cadres to be a pioneer, creating the results, forming A Good Pattern of Rural Party Construction and Cleaning Project Integration and Two-way Improvement. How to play the party building leading, activate the new kinetic energy of rural cleaning work? The party committee of the Jiangzhen Town requires all branches to actively play the main role, combined with rural cleaning engineering activities, combining rural cleaning projects and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the party, party history learning education, focusing on exchange, red education, visiting The topic, organize the "Cadres’ Doctrine Ability", "School History, Story, Practice the Beginning" micro-party courses, "Datun, one hundred days, the party 100 years" "Human environment rectification theme activities, Promote the effective way of promoting the role of party organizations and party members. The party branches combine rural cleaning projects and patriotic health movements, civilized creation, etc. Each bag, the package point cadres and the major leaders of each village regular inspection and mutual investigation, implement the monthly points notification system, to promote the implementation of good villages and timely promotion, conduct poor implementation of the village to criticize the criticism, stimulating the active of the cadres Sex, enthusiasm, creativity, and form a good atmosphere of support cooperation in society. At the same time, improve the party members’ volunteer service work mechanism, give full play to the demonstration of party members, and build a service brand.

According to the party membership and industry characteristics, the service content, service objects, and strength, long-term persistence, long time, and promote the normalization of human environmental remediation volunteers.

Up to now, Wujiang Town has incubated a number of volunteer service brands such as a group of party members such as the Street Lane, Volunteer Service Team and Ziyunying Volunteer Service Team. Volunteer Service Team actively carried out rural cleaning projects and welcomed by the masses. In addition, the majority of party members took the lead in signing "three bags in front of the door" responsibility book, consciously practice scientific, healthy, civilized lifestyle, continuously raising the national clean and tidy awareness of the people, and promoting rural cleaning projects. During the implementation of rural cleaning projects, Jiangjiang Town focused on mass needs, establishing a "order", creating a "sending form", volunteer "order", and the masses "rating" work mechanism.

According to the personal demand of the masses, the village party branches guide party members to distinguish or conduct volunteer service activities in rural cleaning projects; on the basis of using good sanitation cleaning staff, combined with the actual situation of party members, delineate the party members’ responsibility area, Clearing the requirements of the cleaning index, form a joint force with the sanitation workers, and implement the road segment to protect the human system.

Through the implementation of a series of rich and colorful volunteer service projects, the town drives more people to consciously protect their homes, maintain environmental sanitation, play an important role in building a clean beautiful home.

[DreamWorks 3] Do the steel industry green low carbon "new model" to "green"

[DreamWorks 3] Do the steel industry green low carbon "new model" to "green"

The water treatment center established by the high standard of Hengshi and Steel New District, realizing 100% cycle and "zero-range" in water resources. River Steel Steel is available in the map, the Henggang Shijiao New Area adopts the international state, in line with the future steel development trend and energy-saving and environmentally friendly electric furnace and scrap preheating, flame burning, etc. Technology, realizing particulate matter, carbon dioxide emissions level is superior to the national ultra-low emission standard; all production water is in urban water, circular utilization; innovative salt crystallization technology to treat concentrated salts, further divide sodium sulfate and chlorination Sodium, as an industrial by-product, turned waste into treasure, and truly realize the "zero-ranking" of wastewater, this is the first domestic metallurgical industry … a advanced green energy-saving process technology, achieving environmental efficiency, economy Double promotion of benefits.

According to the three-level expert of Hegang Shi Steel Equipment Energy Center, "" After the calculation, compared with the old factory area before the company’s discontinuation, the comprehensive energy consumption of ton steel is reduced by 62%, and the steel water consumption is reduced by 46%, carbon emissions. The amount is at least 52%. "To" high ", it is rushed to" new ", to" green "! With the "Most Competitive Symbolic Special Steel Enterprise" "" "" " It is a special steel "Dream Factory" that makes a remarkable representative of the future of the steel industry.

Yang Jinhang, Minister of Heangshang Steel Development Plan, said, "In the future, the company will fully exert advanced technology advantages, further expand high-end product structure, attract more downstream equipment manufacturing enterprises to settle in Jingyu Mining Area, help regional economic high quality development." (Responsible : Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Share Let more people see the recommended reading.

Xing’AN-competitie kreeg de vijfde batch van "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" Oefen Innovation Base

Xing’AN-competitie kreeg de vijfde batch van "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" Oefen Innovation Base

Mensen worden niet teruggestuurd naar Qingshan, Qingshan is niet negatief. In de loop der jaren houdt Xing’an League zich aan "Green Changing Gold", ontwikkelt krachtig het hele domein, het hele seizoen, het nationale, full-time, full-factortoerisme en promoten het landschap "Qian Jing"; Houd u aan "Groene toename toevoegen "en volg de ecologische constructie het kort bestuur, rond de strategische positionering van" ecologische rijst, een koe-artikel, en lees de tekst ", realiseert de" ecologische schoonheid "en" mensenrijk "interactieve en win-win; Het "Point Green in Gold", geeft het volledige spel aan de wetenschap en technologie om in staat te stellen en bouwen van het eerste nationale moderne landbouwpark in Binnen Mongoli?, heeft nieuwe modellen van landbouwsterkte, plattelandsschoonheid en landbouwplichtige revitalisering gebouwd; Houd u aan " Leen groen goud ", het bevorderen van de waarde van ecologische productwaarde, groene, organische, vervuilingsvrije producten en de standaardisatiebasis van voedselgrondstoffen bereikt 10,1 miljoen MU, boekhouding voor 54% van het totale gecultiveerde land, Xing’an Meng rundvlees, lam , Rijst, Millet passeerde de nationale landbouwproduct Geografische identificatiecertificering, "Xing’an Mengri" krijgt "China’s top tien DAFA Regional Public Merken", merk de waardering groter dan 18 miljard yuan. Exploratie heeft een "vier groen vier goud" transformatiemodel, de continue verbetering van de ecologische omgeving, de continue verbetering van de ecologische omgeving, de continue verbetering van de ecologische omgeving, de voortdurende verbetering van de ecologische omgeving, de voortdurende verbetering van de ecologische omgeving, de voortdurende verbetering van de ecologische omgeving, Ecologische omgeving, de continue verbetering van de ecologische omgeving, de continue verbetering van de ecologische omgeving, de continue verbetering van de ecologische omgeving, de voortdurende verbetering van de ecologische omgeving en de voortdurende verbetering van de ecologische omgeving, en de voortdurende verbetering van de waardeconversie , de continue verbetering van de ecologische omgeving. De algemene armoede is begonnen aan een ecologisch om rijke weg te krijgen, en het is een totaal van groene achtergrond en kwaliteit in een uitgebreide goed uitgesproken geworden.

Yinchuan Railway Station will resume 12 passenger trains

Yinchuan Railway Station will resume 12 passenger trains

  On November 18, from the railway department, as the Ningxia epidemic prevention situation gradually stabilized and improved, in order to meet the travel needs of passengers, on November 18, Yinchuan Railway Station will resume 12 pairs of passenger trains.

  On November 18th, 6 pairs were restored to the train, including 5 pairs of train groups, 1 pair of universal trains.

Specifically, it is 4 pairs of Yinchuan to Xi’an North EMU train, Qingyang to Xi’an North EMU train 1 pair; Silk Chuan to Shanghai Directional train K359 / 60 times 1 pair.On November 19th, the bank of Yinchuan to Zhongwei southern EM EMU train 5 pairs, specific trains were C8211 / 2 times, C8213 / 4 times, C8217 / 8 times, C8219 / 20 times.

  On November 21, the K1805 / 6 pushpet train in the direction of Yinchuan to Hangzhou was restored.

  Yinchuan Railway Station staff reminded that the epidemic has not ended, and the train information changes at any time.Passengers who need travel should pay close attention to the 12306 railway customer service website and station announcement, or call the station inquiries. 0951-3922222 to learn about the latest train operations, reasonable arrangements.

Xinhua News Agency commentator: firmly seized the root and soul of state-owned enterprise reform and development

Xinhua News Agency commentator: firmly seized the root and soul of state-owned enterprise reform and development

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 11: The root firmly seized the national enterprise reform and development and the soul Xinhua News Agency commentator adhered to the party’s leadership, the most essential characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the unique advantage of state-owned enterprises. Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping published an important speech at the national state-owned enterprise party building, from adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, consolidating the height of the party’s ruling underlying status, profound answering the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and the party building, etc. A series of major issues, how to adhere to the party’s leadership and strengthen the party’s construction.

The speech has strong political, ideological, targeted, providing action guidelines for the new situation.

  "The elders of Huang, must be rooted." Adhere to the party’s leadership, strengthen the party’s construction, is the glorious tradition of my country’s state-owned enterprises, is the "root" and "soul" of state-owned enterprises.

Just as the General Secretary is emphasized, the leadership of the party to state-owned enterprises is a major political principle, and must be consistent; establishing a modern enterprise system is the direction of state-owned enterprises reform, but also must be consistent.

These two "one consistent", complement each other, can not be cut.

The modern state-owned enterprise system of Chinese characteristics, "Special" is specially integrated into the corporate governance of the party, and the legal part of the corporate party organization is clear and implemented in the statutory status of party organizations in corporate governance structures. It is implemented, the cadres are in place, the responsibilities are clear, and the supervision is strict. In practice, the party’s leadership of state-owned enterprises is the organic unity of political leadership, ideological leadership, and organizational leaders. The State-owned Enterprise Party Organization plays the leadership core and political core role, which is to implement the direction, management, the overall situation.

Strengthen the party’s leadership and improve the company governance, so that the party organizations play a role in organizing, institutionalizing, concrete, dealing with the relationship between the Party Organization and other governance subjects, can point to the national enterprise reform development navigation, and build the roots. The train runs fast, close up with the headband. The party and people handed over national assets to corporate leadership management, and is a great trust, but also arduous responsibility. Do a good job in the construction of the state-owned corporate party, we must adhere to the principles of the party management cadres, seize the "key minority" of the leaders of state-owned enterprises, and constantly calibrate the standard of thought, and supervise the message.

Strengthen party spirit education, purpose education, warning education, strict political discipline and political rules, can tighten the screws from the depths of thought. Strengthen the supervision and management of key positions, important personnel, especially a hand, improve the "three major" decision supervision mechanisms, strictly manage the supervision and cooperation. The leaders of state-owned enterprises are both strict management, care care, and establish a distinctive orientation of the incentive, and create a strong social atmosphere of respecting entrepreneurial values, they can let them let them let their hands and feet, open their arms, lead the majority of cadres and staff The new situation of enterprises develop, and shoulder the important responsibility for the management of state-owned assets and realize value-added.

  Strengthening the construction of state-owned enterprises must adhere to the principles of the working class wholeheartedly, and do this basic project of the ideological and political work of grassroots party construction and employees. As of the end of 2015, the state-owned enterprises had a total of 10143,000 party members and 795,000 parties. It is necessary to strictly strictly from the basic organization, basic team, and basic system from the strict treatment of the party.

We must first grasp the daily education management of party members. Through the "three sessions and one lesson", let the branch become the core of the unity and the masses, the school members of the party members, and attack the fortress of the hardship; to arrest ideological and political work, put solve the problem. The actual problems combine, do more work, warm people, stable work, and further consolidate the party building basis. Improve the democratic management system in the basic form of the employee representative assembly, promote the disclosure of the factory, business disclosure, implement the people’s knowledge, participate, the right to express, supervise the employees, and encourage employees to participate in the corporate governance, they can fully mobilize The enthusiasm, initiative, creativity of the employees and the development of state-owned enterprises.

  Highlight the problem-oriented, solve the problems, always point to strictly govern the party’s distinction.

At present, the reform of state-owned enterprises is in the batch and deep water area. Some state-owned enterprises have different levels of party building weaken, fade, blur, marginalization, and grassroots party organizations.

Strengthening the construction of the state-owned enterprises, we must go to the problem, to bear the responsibility, form the first-level grade, the party building work pattern of implementation, and promote the integration of party construction work and production and operation, and convert the party construction work results into Enterprise development advantages, in order to promote economic and social development, realize new and greater contributions to China Dream. .