"If the leading cadres are not observed by the law, how is the masses abide by law?"

"If the leading cadres are not observed by the law, how is the masses abide by law?"

From an episode, we can see Xi Jinping’s speeches on the rule of law. During the Work of Zhejiang, Xi Jinping has many ways to withdraw the town. It is recommended to set up a street.

Xi Jinping said that any reform must be in accordance with the law. According to the Constitution, the street is not a level of political organs. In the case of the law, it should not be rushing to establish a street people, and the relevant work can be used to set up a street people Work Committee. The way is carried out.

Xi Jinping’s approach, not only solves the specific problems, but also reflects the spirit of the rule of law.

On August 24, 2018, Xi Jinping said in the first meeting of the Central Committee of the Central Committee. In February 2013, Xi Jinping, who was selected for more than three months of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, hosted the fourth collective study of the Central Political Bureau, and the theme is "comprehensive promotion according to law". The fourth Plenary Session held in October 2014, specialized research has been fully promoted. From November 16th to 17th, 2020, the first time in the history of the party held the central government to governing the country, they will clearly know the legal thoughts of Xi Jinping’s rule of law. "How to get along the road after building a well-off society? How to jump out of the ‘history cycle rate’, achieve long-term governance? How to achieve the party and the country’s long-term treatment?" Xi Jinping’s issues raised at the second plenary meeting of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Plenary Session. For the history of history, the deep insight into the times and the deep insight into the era.

The answer is based on the rule of law.

"The two experiences tell us that the more complicated international and domestic environment, the more heavy reform and opening up and socialist modernization tasks, the more we must use the rule of law thinking and the rule of law to consolidate the role, improve the ruling method, improve the ability to enhance the ability, guarantee The party and the country have a long time to cure.

"Twenty-eight major since the 22nd," comprehensive management "has been included in the" four comprehensive "strategic layouts, the importance of the rule of law is improved to an unprecedented height.

After the 19th National Congress, the Party Central Committee established the central government to consulate the national committee, strengthen the top design, Xi Jinping personally hang, and hosted the Central Committee of the Central Committee.

For the new era of the rule of law China construction, the layout, the blueprint, Xi Jinping is both a top-level designer and is also a practitioner.

"I swear: Loyalty to the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, maintain the authority of the Constitution, perform the legal duties, loyal to the motherland, be loyal to the people, do their own position, honest and honest, accept the people’s supervision, to build a strong democratic civilization and beautiful socialist modern power struggle!" According to law Governing the country, the first is to govern the country. On the morning of March 17, 2018, the scene of Xi Jinping solemnly oath made people’s impressive, this is the first constitutional oath ceremony held in the National People’s Congress since the founding of New China, and the first constitution of the National Chair in New China.

On May 28, 2020, the People’s Republic of China was promulgated. The next day, Xi Jinping hosted the 20th group study of the Central Political Bureau to study, abide by the leading cadres at all levels in the theme of "Effective Implementation of the Civil Code", and to protect the Civil Code. The real problem is complex and diverse, and it is endless. How to improve the legal system as soon as possible, and tight the cage of the system? "To study rich legislative form, you can engage in ‘large block’, but also to engage in ‘small fast, enhance the targeted, applicability, operability of legislation.

"Xi Jinping is the direction of the basic guidance of good governance.

In recent days, the movie "Changjin Lake" is hot, and the volunteer warrior has moved countless people in the anti-US aid charter.

However, well-known large V Luo Mouping continuously issued the volunteer army in the network platform. He paid a price for his shame. According to the laws such as criminal law, British protection law, the police summoned Luo Mang to summon and confused.

Soon, the procuratorate was arrested and arrested and arrested in the investigation of Luo Moufei with the honorary of the martyrs. This guidelines are from drafting, only one year.