"Along the way" in the fight against SARS return to work remember enterprises adhere to the production of electric power supply to protect the Iraqi people

"Along the way" in the fight against SARS return to work remember enterprises adhere to the production of electric power supply to protect the Iraqi people

Reference News Network August 10 report (text / White) suffered years of war-torn Iraq’s current new crown epidemic is still spreading, China has repeatedly providing medical material assistance and send experts to Iraq.

Currently working in Iraq to adhere to ten thousand Chinese employees in difficult circumstances trying to overcome all kinds of difficulties, insist on the quality and quantity of production and construction. Chinese-funded enterprises to actively carry out prevention deploy, join the fight against SARS with Iran, is Iraq a stable supply of energy, economic and social development and the fight against the epidemic contributed.

Iraqi summer maximum temperature exceeded 50 degrees Celsius, hot weather makes the surge in electricity consumption, electricity gap further expanded, which is not only a test of Iraq’s power system, but also a test power plant in central Germany, matter Iraqi province of Wasit. This being built by Shanghai Electric Group and participate in the operation and maintenance of the power plant is the largest thermal power plant in Iraq, the new crown during the epidemic has supported Iraq’s electricity supply. The new crown to the normal operation of the plant epidemic has brought a great impact, in Iraq led to flight cancellations and closed airports Chinese staff suspended normal rotation, many Chinese engineers working in Iraq has been more than a year, they are under tremendous physical and mental pressure.

Due to the epidemic leading to ports, airports shut down, roads blocked, power plant routine maintenance required to purchase spare parts can not be normal, this also brings great challenges to the established maintenance plan, matter German power plants. In the absence of spare parts, Chinese engineers with Iran owners active communication links to try to make purchases from local channels, while adjusting parameters, self-made spare parts, to find ways to stabilize the systems, in the first four months of this year the arrival of summer as scheduled successful completion of this year maintenance tasks, so that the plant continues to run smoothly in the peak summer period. In all Shanghai Electric joint efforts, China things German project department immunization production with both hands, no one home, no one infection, one day work stoppage, full fearless heat and epidemic stick to their posts, making the six-unit, matter German power plants to stabilize the security run, the Iraqi people sent a cool summer.

In northern Iraq Salahuddin province, built by China Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. Salahuddin Fuel Gas Unit 1 power plant project under construction is in full swing.

The project as northern Iraq’s first post-war reconstruction of power projects, takes the responsibility to solve the problem of power shortage in the northern region. The project is expected to go into production by the end of 2020, will help to improve the local economic level, which greatly improve the situation in Iraq is facing shortage of electrical energy at the same time can also create more than 1,000 local jobs.

Currently adhere to overcome more than 1,500 Chinese project staff rotation difficult, difficult issues such as logistics, quality and quantity to complete the construction project more important node during the epidemic, put into production by the end of the 1st unit has laid a solid foundation.

Political science professor at Baghdad University, Sheikh Sabah in an interview with "Reference News" reporter, said that China area all the way to national initiatives to promote mutual benefit and Iraq in the post-war infrastructure severely damaged, undone, China has a mature technology company and advanced experience, I believe that Chinese enterprises in Iraq will certainly make a significant contribution to Iraq’s reconstruction and development.

Since February 24 confirmed the first case of Iraq crown new cases, as of now, Iraq has a total of nearly 150,000 cases diagnosed more than 5,000 deaths, the epidemic is most severe in Baghdad.

In recent days, Iraq’s growing new crown of confirmed cases remained at more than 2,000 cases of high, epidemic prevention and control situation is not optimistic. Iraq’s special situation, security situation is grim, safe production is particularly important for the project department. Due to production needs, projects in Iraq funded enterprises typically employ large numbers of local laborers, who live in scattered, causing a huge challenge for the epidemic prevention work. To this end, Anton Oilfield Technology Group is satisfied that Iraq Xi Guer 2 Project Department for the local employees actively explain new crown virus-related knowledge and protective measures, and reasonable arrangements break down according to the local situation, to achieve the effective separation of local employees and the outside world, reducing staff the chance of infection. At the project site require employees to detect body temperature daily, wear a mask full construction, and implementation of time-eating distribution system to reduce the chance of transmission of the virus.

New domestic crown serious epidemic period, under the assistance of Chinese enterprises, Iraq – Iraq-China Friendship Association and Chamber of Commerce-funded enterprises contributed approximately 78 tons of medical supplies fighting the epidemic, rush to the fight against domestic crown a new outbreak of pneumonia. After Iraq’s new crown outbreaks, sent by the Red Cross Society of China and the Chinese epidemic prevention expert group supplies medical assistance on March 7, arrived in Baghdad to assist the Iraqi prevention and control work.

In the direction of Iraq provided a lot of masks, ventilator, nucleic acid detection kit and other supplies and reconstruction of nucleic acid testing laboratories, epidemic prevention to share Chinese experience. Chinese companies are also actively involved in assisting Iraq’s fight against SARS. China Machinery Engineering Corporation during the epidemic in batches donated more than 210,000 masks and other items to quarantine all walks of life in Iraq, the Iranian side has won praise the staff and owners.

China Project Department learned many things German employees after Iraq can not be effective because of lack of self-protection masks, on March 8 donated nearly 40,000 masks to Iraq owners. July 3, China and Germany do the project department again donated supplies to a large number of Iraqi epidemic prevention owners surgical masks, protective clothing, such as oxygen, greatly complement the gap Iraq epidemic prevention materials.

The charity solve our urgent needs, greatly ease the shortage of medical supplies to Iraq staff situation, it has a very important significance in the gradual spread of the epidemic today! German power plant chief engineer, matter Ali Ahmed repeatedly expressed gratitude to the Chinese side, the Chinese side is not only beneficial to the selfless work of epidemic prevention and control, and more to promote the Sino-Iranian friendship between the two sides.

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