"Rose" is fragrant

"Rose" is fragrant

Huang Qingli (first from left) inspected the past vehicles and personnel with his comrades. Photo by Duan Xiao in the post, Huang Qingli and his comrades were inspected and registered, measuring body temperature, and epidemic prevention propaganda on past vehicles and personnel.

There are many epidemic prevention work, and Huang Qingli can only videos with children in the rest of the rest. Whenever I saw my younger son crying and looking for her mother in the video, Huang Yaoli couldn’t stop shed tears. "You are just an auxiliary police officer, why are you so desperate?" The neighbor asked Huang Qingli. "As a member of the border defense inspection station, you must be able to get up to the uniforms on the body, protect your hometown, and protect the tens of millions of families in the city behind your body." The mask was also printed deep, and Huang Qingli did not complain at all. Such beliefs are deeply rooted in Xiao Ting, who is also auxiliary police.

She and her husband were ordered to retrograde "Red Code Area". The children left to the elders to take care of them. Due to the large amount of epidemic prevention, she often faced the cold wind at the duty scene for 6 hours. She often couldn’t care about eating, and she was busy late at night.

Most of the members of the "Dragon Protection Police Flower Service Team" are mostly "multi -faceted".

In 2021, Huang Yan had more than 300 days in the port and controlled on duty to effectively ensure the task of "external prevention input" on both wings of the port with the working status of the full diligence.

She also played her own specialties to participate in a temporary meeting with the Vietnam Fang in more than 30 times, assist in handling more than 40 suspected illegal entry cases, investigated and dealt with more than 400 suspected illegal entry personnel, and assisted foreign units to transfer more than 10 batches of more than 1,200 people suspected illegal entry personnel. Essence

In addition, in order to strengthen the propaganda of the port epidemic prevention and control, Huang Yan carefully produced the publicity materials of China and Vietnam, and distributed to the people and widely publicized. The dedication of the sides is the glory of every immigration managing police.

Yang Zhenrong is a new policeman from Qujing, Yunnan.

In order to successfully complete the task, she wore a protective suit 10 minutes in advance before performing the inspection task. "I started to perform tasks with the class, and worn early to avoid delaying service.

"Yang Zhenrong carefully wore the face screen and repeatedly checked the dress in the mirror.

Sometimes, Yang Zhenrong asked colleagues to help take a few photos.

She said that every time her parents saw the epidemic report, they called and asked nervously.

"Send them to see, so as not to worry.

Besides, the more risks, the more meaningful I do.