Relying on party building leading to build a beautiful home in Zhong’an online Wuhu Channel Wuhu News Wuhu Information

Relying on party building leading to build a beautiful home in Zhong’an online Wuhu Channel Wuhu News Wuhu Information

  Since this year, Wujiang Town, Nanling County has tightly revolves around the "party construction with farm, farm and promoting party construction", exploring the grassroots "party building + farm" working model, and guide party members and cadres to be a pioneer, creating the results, forming A Good Pattern of Rural Party Construction and Cleaning Project Integration and Two-way Improvement. How to play the party building leading, activate the new kinetic energy of rural cleaning work? The party committee of the Jiangzhen Town requires all branches to actively play the main role, combined with rural cleaning engineering activities, combining rural cleaning projects and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the party, party history learning education, focusing on exchange, red education, visiting The topic, organize the "Cadres’ Doctrine Ability", "School History, Story, Practice the Beginning" micro-party courses, "Datun, one hundred days, the party 100 years" "Human environment rectification theme activities, Promote the effective way of promoting the role of party organizations and party members. The party branches combine rural cleaning projects and patriotic health movements, civilized creation, etc. Each bag, the package point cadres and the major leaders of each village regular inspection and mutual investigation, implement the monthly points notification system, to promote the implementation of good villages and timely promotion, conduct poor implementation of the village to criticize the criticism, stimulating the active of the cadres Sex, enthusiasm, creativity, and form a good atmosphere of support cooperation in society. At the same time, improve the party members’ volunteer service work mechanism, give full play to the demonstration of party members, and build a service brand.

According to the party membership and industry characteristics, the service content, service objects, and strength, long-term persistence, long time, and promote the normalization of human environmental remediation volunteers.

Up to now, Wujiang Town has incubated a number of volunteer service brands such as a group of party members such as the Street Lane, Volunteer Service Team and Ziyunying Volunteer Service Team. Volunteer Service Team actively carried out rural cleaning projects and welcomed by the masses. In addition, the majority of party members took the lead in signing "three bags in front of the door" responsibility book, consciously practice scientific, healthy, civilized lifestyle, continuously raising the national clean and tidy awareness of the people, and promoting rural cleaning projects. During the implementation of rural cleaning projects, Jiangjiang Town focused on mass needs, establishing a "order", creating a "sending form", volunteer "order", and the masses "rating" work mechanism.

According to the personal demand of the masses, the village party branches guide party members to distinguish or conduct volunteer service activities in rural cleaning projects; on the basis of using good sanitation cleaning staff, combined with the actual situation of party members, delineate the party members’ responsibility area, Clearing the requirements of the cleaning index, form a joint force with the sanitation workers, and implement the road segment to protect the human system.

Through the implementation of a series of rich and colorful volunteer service projects, the town drives more people to consciously protect their homes, maintain environmental sanitation, play an important role in building a clean beautiful home.