Yinchuan Railway Station will resume 12 passenger trains

Yinchuan Railway Station will resume 12 passenger trains

  On November 18, from the railway department, as the Ningxia epidemic prevention situation gradually stabilized and improved, in order to meet the travel needs of passengers, on November 18, Yinchuan Railway Station will resume 12 pairs of passenger trains.

  On November 18th, 6 pairs were restored to the train, including 5 pairs of train groups, 1 pair of universal trains.

Specifically, it is 4 pairs of Yinchuan to Xi’an North EMU train, Qingyang to Xi’an North EMU train 1 pair; Silk Chuan to Shanghai Directional train K359 / 60 times 1 pair.On November 19th, the bank of Yinchuan to Zhongwei southern EM EMU train 5 pairs, specific trains were C8211 / 2 times, C8213 / 4 times, C8217 / 8 times, C8219 / 20 times.

  On November 21, the K1805 / 6 pushpet train in the direction of Yinchuan to Hangzhou was restored.

  Yinchuan Railway Station staff reminded that the epidemic has not ended, and the train information changes at any time.Passengers who need travel should pay close attention to the 12306 railway customer service website and station announcement, or call the station inquiries. 0951-3922222 to learn about the latest train operations, reasonable arrangements.