Xinhua News Agency commentator: firmly seized the root and soul of state-owned enterprise reform and development

Xinhua News Agency commentator: firmly seized the root and soul of state-owned enterprise reform and development

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 11: The root firmly seized the national enterprise reform and development and the soul Xinhua News Agency commentator adhered to the party’s leadership, the most essential characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the unique advantage of state-owned enterprises. Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping published an important speech at the national state-owned enterprise party building, from adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, consolidating the height of the party’s ruling underlying status, profound answering the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and the party building, etc. A series of major issues, how to adhere to the party’s leadership and strengthen the party’s construction.

The speech has strong political, ideological, targeted, providing action guidelines for the new situation.

  "The elders of Huang, must be rooted." Adhere to the party’s leadership, strengthen the party’s construction, is the glorious tradition of my country’s state-owned enterprises, is the "root" and "soul" of state-owned enterprises.

Just as the General Secretary is emphasized, the leadership of the party to state-owned enterprises is a major political principle, and must be consistent; establishing a modern enterprise system is the direction of state-owned enterprises reform, but also must be consistent.

These two "one consistent", complement each other, can not be cut.

The modern state-owned enterprise system of Chinese characteristics, "Special" is specially integrated into the corporate governance of the party, and the legal part of the corporate party organization is clear and implemented in the statutory status of party organizations in corporate governance structures. It is implemented, the cadres are in place, the responsibilities are clear, and the supervision is strict. In practice, the party’s leadership of state-owned enterprises is the organic unity of political leadership, ideological leadership, and organizational leaders. The State-owned Enterprise Party Organization plays the leadership core and political core role, which is to implement the direction, management, the overall situation.

Strengthen the party’s leadership and improve the company governance, so that the party organizations play a role in organizing, institutionalizing, concrete, dealing with the relationship between the Party Organization and other governance subjects, can point to the national enterprise reform development navigation, and build the roots. The train runs fast, close up with the headband. The party and people handed over national assets to corporate leadership management, and is a great trust, but also arduous responsibility. Do a good job in the construction of the state-owned corporate party, we must adhere to the principles of the party management cadres, seize the "key minority" of the leaders of state-owned enterprises, and constantly calibrate the standard of thought, and supervise the message.

Strengthen party spirit education, purpose education, warning education, strict political discipline and political rules, can tighten the screws from the depths of thought. Strengthen the supervision and management of key positions, important personnel, especially a hand, improve the "three major" decision supervision mechanisms, strictly manage the supervision and cooperation. The leaders of state-owned enterprises are both strict management, care care, and establish a distinctive orientation of the incentive, and create a strong social atmosphere of respecting entrepreneurial values, they can let them let them let their hands and feet, open their arms, lead the majority of cadres and staff The new situation of enterprises develop, and shoulder the important responsibility for the management of state-owned assets and realize value-added.

  Strengthening the construction of state-owned enterprises must adhere to the principles of the working class wholeheartedly, and do this basic project of the ideological and political work of grassroots party construction and employees. As of the end of 2015, the state-owned enterprises had a total of 10143,000 party members and 795,000 parties. It is necessary to strictly strictly from the basic organization, basic team, and basic system from the strict treatment of the party.

We must first grasp the daily education management of party members. Through the "three sessions and one lesson", let the branch become the core of the unity and the masses, the school members of the party members, and attack the fortress of the hardship; to arrest ideological and political work, put solve the problem. The actual problems combine, do more work, warm people, stable work, and further consolidate the party building basis. Improve the democratic management system in the basic form of the employee representative assembly, promote the disclosure of the factory, business disclosure, implement the people’s knowledge, participate, the right to express, supervise the employees, and encourage employees to participate in the corporate governance, they can fully mobilize The enthusiasm, initiative, creativity of the employees and the development of state-owned enterprises.

  Highlight the problem-oriented, solve the problems, always point to strictly govern the party’s distinction.

At present, the reform of state-owned enterprises is in the batch and deep water area. Some state-owned enterprises have different levels of party building weaken, fade, blur, marginalization, and grassroots party organizations.

Strengthening the construction of the state-owned enterprises, we must go to the problem, to bear the responsibility, form the first-level grade, the party building work pattern of implementation, and promote the integration of party construction work and production and operation, and convert the party construction work results into Enterprise development advantages, in order to promote economic and social development, realize new and greater contributions to China Dream. .