Wang Xia: Yongzheng’s initial color

Wang Xia: Yongzheng’s initial color

  Archives: Wang Xia, is currently the deputy director of the Organization Department of Pingluo County Committee, the executive Deputy Secretary of the County Direct Organ Committee.

Since the grassroots party construction work, she has adheres to the first line of the grassroots organization, with full work enthusiasm, practical work style, and wins the praise of the majority of party members and cadres. 2021 was rated as an excellent party worker of Shizuishan City, the most beautiful civil servant in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Feelmonious: As a grassroots group, always want to be a loyal heart, responsibility, rush to the sails of fight, measure the land with footsteps, to interpret the initial heart, set the party member pioneer in the grassroots first line, condense the red power, let the party flag The base layer is highly fluttered. I first saw Wang Xia, the impression of her is thin, practiced, and generous; familiar with her colleagues are: work political, policy, professional, principled strong, use "small body" to pick up The "Big Liang" of the Grand Court of the Counties of China.

  As a working cadre, it is necessary to forge abilities and this matter.

In order to find out the grassroots party construction in the county, in the past five years, Wang Xia is "embroidered" Kung Fu, running throughout the county 144 village party organizations and 28 community party organizations, and the basic situation of each village (community) The direction, there is a problem, seriously record the book. This year, Tonguo Township Xinfeng Village "Heart Stereo" activity room, each month held the secretary of the village party branch, the secretary of the party branch of the township, the party members, the party members and cadres, and according to the actual situation in the village Develop a development plan. In the process of promoting this work, Wang Xia actively provides ideas and methods for grassroots cadres. "My pair of" Master ‘is the party branch of the horse village, Ma Baozhong, teaching me a lot of experience in the village collective economy, rural governance, so that I have walked a lot less than a lot of detours. "Ma Lei, Secretary of Xinfeng Village Party Branch Say.

  Rural revitalization, talent is the key. Under Wang Xia’s leader, Pingluo County innovation launched the "head geese pilot, group Yan Qi Fei" village Party Organization Secretary’s secretary, adopted 1 experienced old village Party Organization Secretary and the new office party organization secretary The knot, one township party committee team member package, 1 "1 + 1 + 1" mode of the 16th bathroom station, set up a bid to help Ma Lei’s new cadres to enter the role as soon as possible. In recent years, Wang Xia has created actions in the Demonstration County and Township of Township in Tongxiang Township, and promoted the integration of Xinfeng Village, Xincun Village, Huangquhai Town, China. Pilot work, etc., take 105 demonstration villages, accounting for 73% of the county village party organization; 106 business models, cultivation, industrial development, share cooperation types, 144 villages in the county Operating income is more than 50,000 yuan, 500,000 yuan, 35%, 19%, and more than 1 million yuan, and the party construction leads the common prosperity road.

  How to make the party’s party to build before, the calculation rate is the problem that Wang Xia often thinks.

She guided the 183 institutions of the county to complete the reward, led the establishment of "Secretary Project" project, creating 71 "Party Building 231 Action" and other "secretary project", promoting party building and key work, key projects Co-frequency resonance , Integration development. In 2020, Wang Xia actively promoted Temple Temple Lake Village in Tao Le Town, Hongrui Village, the Red Cliff, and the establishment of the party organization, so that it truly became the strong battle fortress of the party building to promote the poverty attack and promote the revitalization of the country.

At the same time, the implementation of party members took the lead in contacting the help, carrying out the "listing combat", built the branch in the industrial chain, party members gathered in the industrial chain, the masses are rich in the industrial chain, the temple temple lake, Hongrui, Hongxiang three immigrants Village 2020 village collective business income reached 1.78 million yuan, 390,000 yuan, 2.20 million yuan, village collective, enterprise, and farmers’ interest joint mechanism further formed. (Reporter Li Liang).