Specialtects: Guo Ji Destiny and Communist Flag Guidelines

Specialtects: Guo Ji Destiny and Communist Flag Guidelines

  Xinhua News Agency, November 7, Electronic Feature: High Jock Destiny and Communist Flag Guided the Directive Development Direction – Xi Jinping ‘s Diplomatic Thoughts World Photographing Xinhua News Agency, Han Mo, South Korea Liang Han Bing, the great era, inevitably pregnant the great ideas.

Great ideas must guide the direction of the times. "The Chinese Communist Party is a political part of the Chinese people’s happiness, and is also a party that is struggling for human progress.

"Since the 18th National Congress of the party, General Secretary Xi Jinping stood in the high level of human social development, proposing to promote the construction of new international relations, promoting the important concept of building a community of human destiny, and got out of a Chinese characteristic diplomatic new road, highlighting the Chinese Communists The historical consciousness, the broad global eye, and the firm mission.

  It’s like a magnificent sunrise, illuminated the era of human pursuit of prosperity, and the lighthouse standing, guiding countries to join hands to create a future exploration voyage – Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thinking leads the Chinese characteristic foreign diplomacy to open, broadcasted, to deal with the world Challenges provide Chinese wisdom and programs, in order to promote joint development of global consensus and cooperation, it is increasingly powerful international influence and appeal. In response to the Chinese program, the Chinese program, the scholar, the scholarous society of the Globalization: Today, more than 200 billion people in the world live in more than 200 cabins on the same big ship, they must work together.

  How to make this "global boat" cleaves, and the road is steady? The Chinese program given by the Chairman Xi Jinping is to build a community of human fate and achieve win-win sharing. Looking at the ball, the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the world economy fragile recovery, climate change, etc. Solution "What happened to the world, what do we do", becoming more urgent. On January 25, 202, President Xi Jinping attended the World Economic Forum "Davos Agenda" in a video method and delivered a special speech. "The world’s problems are intricate, the problem of solving the problem is to maintain and practice multilateralism, and promote the construction of human fate communities.

"At the beginning of the World Economic Forum on 2021, at the Davos Agenda" dialogue, President Xi Jinping puts forward system programs for the global situation overlapping the multi-crisis. From 2013, the world is now increasingly becoming me, I am With your fate community, "In 2015, the overall path of" five integration "to construct the" five integration "of the Human Destiny Community is expounded in 2015; since 2017, in 2017, the United Nations Headquarters, further proposed the overall layout of" five worlds ", to 2020 Advocating to create a human health and health community initiative, in 2021, in the general debate of the seventy-sixth United Nations General Assembly, the first time to build a community of global development … once again, a sub-system interpretation, a sincere call. China advocates the global response of the global rebellion, the "common construction of lasting peace, universal safety, common prosperity, open inclination, clean and beautiful world".

  Pan Kiki, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, said that in the face of continuous conflict, hunger, hunger, climate change, and new crown pneumonia epidemic, humanity to fate and total feelings, "We should work together to construct human fate community." On March 23, 2013, Chairman Xi Jinping issued an important speech entitled "Combing the Trend Trend" in the Moscow International Relations Institute, which presents that today’s world "is increasingly becoming you, I have your destiny. community".

  Promote the construction of new international relations with mutual respect, fairness and justice, and cooperation, and is the only way to build human fate communies. In more than 8 years, President Xi Jinping visited 41 visitors, full of 69 countries in five continents. Today, China has organized partnerships with 108 countries and 4 regions, weaving a partnership network throughout the world, and has gone out of the country and the country intends to communicate with the country. After the epidemic of the new crown pneumonia, Chairman Xi Jinping was intensively launched "Cloud Diplomacy". There are more than 100 diplomatic activities that have been expanded in telephone, letters, videos, etc. in 2021.

Cross-intensive diplomatic footprints, continuously refreshing the "busy index", reflecting a roll-up roll that China and the fate of countries, and travel forward. The world of our lives is full of hope and is also full of challenges. In the face of unilateralism, protectionism, hegemonism, etc. Chairman Xi Jinping called on all parties to jointly build the principle of sharing sharing, and handed with hand in handling the deficit, trust the deficit, peaceful deficit, develop the deficit, and promoting the global governance system toward more fair and reasonable direction; facing the new crown pneumonia epidemic to the world economic belt The strong impact of Xi Jinping advocates the development of the global macro policy framework to promote the new stage of global development towards balanced coordination tolerance … Advocating true multilateralism, promoting common development, building a Chinese program of human fate community and Chinese practice, condense the people of all countries to build a largest number of conventions in the better world, in order to promote the development of world peace, cooperation and win-win contributions.

  Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandri said that President Xi Jinping provides a new framework to address global challenges, "Building the fate and the common future is the inevitable thing."

In the eyes of Peter Tomson, Chairman of the 71st United Nations General Assembly, constructing a human fate community is "The only future of human beings in this planet."