There is a serious defect in the US democratic system (international forum)

There is a serious defect in the US democratic system (international forum)

  The US democratic system has serious defects, and this system actually serves the interests of the rich and strong.

The US government will "democrat" weapons, in order to maintain its hegemony, the United States claims to be "guardians", but this says that the root cannot stand.

A series of incidents in the United States, highlight social issues such as the fact that the American race and gender inequality is deeply rooted and the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing.

The United States has remarkably spreads in the legitimate electoralism. The legality of the electoral process has been widely questioned. The United States will be the same as democracy and the democracy, which is a wishful idea.

In the US government, the two parties turned to ruling, which means that every party can simply discontinue the other party, and the two parties do not have to bear all the responsibility for their performance in the government.

  The US democratic system has serious defects, and this system actually serves the interests of the rich and strong.

In the United States, the electoral process is twisted by money.

Election of federal or state-level public office, requires a lot of money, or these funds are either from candidate personal wealth, or from someone who seeks protection and promoting their own interests.

This is why so many people members itself is millions of people. Money can also achieve the control of information. The US news media is mainly controlled by rich interest groups, large media companies and benefits from donors. The Interest Group has been conducive to their information through the media to shape the US political and economic order.

American voters can only passively accept all the so-called "elected representatives". Some efforts to achieve real social changes, build a fair peace, etc., are considered fantasy and abandoned.

  Compared with the United States, other countries constantly seek ways to promote and protect the interests of ordinary people, not just a simple action at a short elective time. For example, China has a variety of institutional guarantees people to express their needs and interests. Western should not underestimate or distort this system. The United States put its own democratic model as the only way out of the world, reflecting the historical culture of the United States to shape the world in their own model. However, each country has its own cultural traditions and practices. The United States should respect the rights of people from all over the country to choose to develop roads, respect the rights of all countries to organize political affairs in their own way. At present, the world ‘s political economic order is facing profound adjustments, and the world’s multi-polarization trend is in-depth development.

American political elites are used to taking people around the world, how do they manage their lives, the United States also uses its economic and military power to suppress or deterranerate those countries that are considered as an abnormal. American politicians are afraid of losing power, afraid that other countries have more and more important words in global affairs.

The US government will "democrat" weapons, is part of the United States to try to maintain its hegemon status.

  I hope that the fear will eventually defeat, peace is the common desire of humanity. The United States should cooperate with other countries on the basis of mutual respect, and we will find a better future road to jointly build a more fair and fair world. (The authors are professor of History of New Mexico University, USA) (Editor: Yang Guangyu, Hu Yongqiu) Share more people to see.