Why will the US special forces "Eagle Action" fail?

Why will the US special forces "Eagle Action" fail?

  Production: Protection of Science: Li Xiaobai Plan: Zhao Qingjian: After the end of the Cold War of Guangming.com, the world’s political multi-polarization process continues to deepen, the possibility of large-scale war eruptions is getting smaller and smaller, and the horror power is more and more crazy. Development issues that are generally facing. At the same time, the special forces have a high-efficiency advantage, high combat flexibility, strong strain ability, and gradually become the preferred force in counter-terrorism operations in various countries.

  The US special forces are the world ‘s most powerful and practical experience in the world, and high-intensity anti-terrorism operation tasks around the world. It is inevitable that the US special forces have experienced some lossless operations, and these blood and tears have exchanged experience prompted the rapid growth of the US special forces to promote the strength of the US military special combat power. In recent years, special forces have become more frequent and more frequent.

(Image from the network) Military operations of the hostage crisis, November 4, 1979, more than 50 Americans were built into the Iranian college students in the US Embassy in Tehran. After several months of stalemate, the United States gave up the hostage crisis event to resolve this time through diplomatic channels, and transferred military actions to rescue hostages, code eagle claw action. The whole process of eagle steeds is very complicated, involving the US sea, land, and empty power. The action plan is first carried by the air force 6 modified C-130 transport aircraft to the fuel needed to move, and the equipment starts from Masira, Oman. At the same time, eight RH-53D "sea raw horses" heavy helicopter Under the driving of the Marine Warfare, take off from the Nimes aircraft carrier who wandered in the Arabian Sea, and the two-brackets took the way of ultra-low-altitude flight, and the "Desert No. 1" will be combined in the scheduled place in Iran. Then, the C-130 is the RH-53D helicopter to supplement the fuel, the assault team is equipped with the second meeting of the helicopter to fly from the suburbs of Tehran, and hide the ground.

After the next day, the assassin was taken by the truck who was prepared by the CEO of the Secretary of Love into Tehran. On the other hand, the commander was rescued in the embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Zarie Airport. After the action, the assault team leads the hostage to take the RH-53D helicopter to the Manzurie Airport, abandon the helicopter, and turn the flying C-141 transporter to evacuate. The assault team of the implementation task is mainly composed of the Delta commando, and the Delta Commander founder Charlie Baker Wiks colonel (picture from the network) Eagle claw action was implemented before the defeated Eagle claw action, the US military will participate in the army The forces of the soldiers have organized a five-month training simulation training, and for the combat plan for the helicopter and other equipment such as a helicopter.

On April 24, 1980, the joint contingent began to act when the weather in Iran was sunny. However, the eight RH-53D helicopters have just been taken off, and there is a mechanical failure and is forced to exit actions. If you don’t have a misfortune, the remaining seven helicopters have encountered unpredictable strong sandstorms, and a helicopter has a serious failure, and has to return aircraft carrier.

Before the RH-53D cluster arrived at the Desert No. 1, he accidentally encountered a smuggled tanker and a bus equipped with more than 40 people, increasing the risk of exposure of action.

  After all of the six RH-53D helicopters arrived, it has been more than 90 minutes later than the scheduled time.

Six RH-53D helicopters have been a minimum number of implementation tasks. When preparing action, a helicopter cannot perform tasks due to hydraulic failure. At this time, only five remaining helicopters, on-site commander Baker Western University After careful consideration, apply to cancel the task and prepare for evacuation.

To make matters worse, when preparing to evacuate, a RH-53D helicopter low-altitude flight hit the C-130 transporter, and the explosion of the occurrence caused eight US military death. Baker Western decisive order, abandon the existing helicopter, all personnel were evacuated by the C-130 transporter, and the eagle steward action finally ended.

In the eagle steak, the helicopter of the explosion of the collision (picture from the network) blood and tears exchanged in a certain extent, the eagle steward action is destined to be failed, the tragic lesson of eagle stewards is deeply stabbed. In order to promote the construction of the US military special combat system, the development of special equipment. The failure of eagle claws is mainly caused by two aspects. First, the action plan arranges a more redundant and potential risk.

Eagle claw action requires a plurality of military and soldiers in the United States. There are many action links, and the development of the contingent super low altitude and long-distance attacks. In two meeting points, the transfer, the process of the process is multi-channel, and the evacuation process is also more complicated. Especially in Tehran has a large number of Iranian military power, any error will cause irreparable accidents.

  Furthermore, the combat action is prepared. The eagle claw operation is complex. In the development of the military simulation training, it has not been prepared according to the actual situation. Training is not close to actual combat, and the coordination between various military varieties, for example, the RH-53D helicopter group arrives at the desert first, Collisions occurred when preparing to evacuate and fuel.

In addition to the lack of personnel training, equipment and intelligence support also have a serious mistake.

For example, the RH-53D helicopter is an equipment that meets long-distance flights and cannot guarantee enough reliability; on the other hand, the US meteorological personnel do not take into account the sandstorms that often appear frequently, directly cause helicopter failure, and delay the fighter The US Central Bureau agent has not been able to do foot investment when establishing a desert one place. He has encountered a tanker and a bus during action. The failure of action triggered military reforms for the lessons of eagle action failure, and the US military also made a corresponding adjustment. First, the command structure is optimized, and the Special Combat Command (USSOCOM) is established.

Eagle claws expose the defects in the command structure in the United States military combine, and the Special Combat Command is based on the concept of joint operations, leading the US military special combat troops, implementing daily joint operation training, and achieves unified command deployment during the war. The combat action is affected by coordination in the joint operation.

The Special Combat Command is not limited to joint command, but also in accordance with the operational need to integrate special combat support security, for the operation of the combat needs to organize the development of weapons and equipment, procurement of special operations, and further promote the improvement of American special combat systems.

  In addition to the Special Competition Command, the US military also established the 160th Special Operations Airline specialized in special operations, providing special force to special force transportation, attack and other special combat support actions. In order to meet the needs of special operations, the pilots of the 160th Special Operations Airlines subjected to special training, and equipment specially modified special combat model helicopters for special combat needs. The American Special Combat Command Unified Leadership Commands the Special Forces of the US Military Special Forces Eagle Action is a classic special combat action that is often mentioned, although the ending is defeated, but there is an important guide to the development of special operations. The eagle stewed action has promoted the development and construction of the US special combat system, which provides a reference for the development of special forces worldwide, and some countries have followed the United States, establish their own special combat unified commanding agency, and equipped with special weapons and equipment for special forces. Support for strength. Author brief introduction Li Xiaobai, member of China Aviation Society, military science author, published hundreds of articles in many well-known military journals and well-known websites, and articles have been cited by international wiskin CSBA.

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