Wenshan Prefecture is carried out from 3 to 11 years old children’s new crown vaccination

Wenshan Prefecture is carried out from 3 to 11 years old children’s new crown vaccination

In order to protect the health and safety of children’s groups, further build a campus epidemic prevention and control fort, Wenshan State launched a 3-11-year-old children’s new crown vaccination work. According to the principle of informed voluntary, children in the age of 3-11 need to accompany the inoculation process in the whole process of the guardian.

At present, Wenshan State has launched a 3-11 year old children’s new crown virus vaccination work.

On the afternoon of November 5, the reporter saw in the state of the national gymnasium vaccination. Students in the Shanshi Xiaodong Campus took the class as a group, and the class teacher took the team, a guardian accompanied by, batch, and in order to complete information Register, inoculate, 30 minutes to stay. After the student vaccinated the vaccination, the guardian should conduct a healthy observation of no less than 24 hours. If it is discomfort, it should be treated in time and report it to the inoculation unit. There are two inoculation points of the state gymnasium in Wenshan City, the Panlong Stadium, inoculation time to take a break in the morning to 5 pm, half an hour after noon.

Each vaccination site has a pediatric emergency emergency personnel to resident security, and children apply the first aid equipment for drug supply. There are 120 first aid lives on the spot.

It is understood that the vaccination of new crown virus vaccination from 3-11 years old in Wenshan State is mainly organized by kindergartens, schools, villages (communities) to organize inoculation points or inoculate in the temporary inoculation point set by school. Or by the guardian to accompany the appointment, go to the inoculation point inoculation, specification is subject to the announcement of counties (cities).

Experts, at present, vaccination is the most convenient, direct and effective means of epidemic prevention and control. Please take parents to eliminate doubts, hit the vaccination to attack the safety nets of the war, and accelerate the establishment of a group immunization barrier.

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