Xiongan New District will create "Xiongan Agriculture Cloud"

Xiongan New District will create "Xiongan Agriculture Cloud"

Original title: Xiongan New District will build "Xiongan Agriculture Cloud" to promote agricultural production digital Xiongan New District will create "Xiongan Agriculture Cloud" learned from the relevant departments of Xiongan New District, Xiongan New District will enhance production management information level, Ancheng Calculation (Excellent Cloud) Center, building an agricultural data center, and build "Xiongan Agriculture Cloud". According to reports, Xiongan New District will vigorously develop digital agriculture, use satellite remote sensing, aviation remote sensing, ground material networking and other means, dynamically monitor important crop planting type, planting area, soil love, crop longitude, disaster situation, timely release warning information.

Create "Agriculture +" model, mainly in modern agriculture, the theme of the Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology, focusing on the intersection and traditional cultural experience, red cultural inheritance and agriculture combined with agriculture, construction of a special town. Integrate the elements such as technology, intensive, cultural, red spirit and education, create five agricultural tourism routes, vigorously develop "agricultural +" new format. Create a new model of "agriculture + technology".

According to the Eastern Pacend and Start Area, play the function of science and technology park, show modern agricultural science and technology such as agriculture, intelligent cold chain logistics, and agricultural product digital transactions, create "Xiongan Citizen Center – Tower Town – Daxing Town – Zhanggang Township – Xiongzhou University Building "Science and Technology Experience Route. Create a new model of "agriculture + contribution".

Using the ecological resources of the Xiongan Country Park and the surrounding forest plaque, the natural scenery of the Linge District and the geothermal resources, integrate modern social service capabilities, and create "Xiongan Citizen Center – Millennium Xiu Lin – Xiongzhou University Building – Huang Wan Village "Zhao Zhuangzi Village – Baiyangdian" Water Towns’ Competition Road. Create a new model of "agriculture + culture". Relying on Baiyangdian cultural tourism resources, traditional Chinese medicine cultural resources and farming culture, make full use of cultural tourism resources such as Gujing Bay, Twelve Lianqiao, Bianque, and Zhangzhou Temple, and create "Longwan Town – Zhangzhou Town – Town Township – Zhao Beikou Town "Cultural Sightseeing Route.

Create a new model of "Agriculture + Red Spirit". In-depth digging red cultural elements, talking about red stories, promoting the spirit of patriotism, tandem in the village, Baiyangyuan Yuanyuan Memorial Hall, with a variety of forms of scenes, revisiting red years, commemorative exhibitions, etc. "Anzhou Town – Duancun Town – Baiyangyuan" Red Tourism Route. (Reporter Zhang Weiya) (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.