Xuchang Xuke: Talking about the dissemination of cultures

Xuchang Xuke: Talking about the dissemination of cultures

In recent years, Xu Ji Group has established a "three lecture platform" in the corporate culture lecture hall, the moral lecture hall and the party member pioneer, in-depth, vigorous image, carry out socialist core values, corporate culture basic value concept and advanced typical deeds, Speaking of the story, let the corporate culture into the heart, penetrate into each employee life and behavior, enhance human literacy and spiritual temperament, let corporate culture lecture hall, moral lecture hall and party pioneer forum become culturally spread, root The base layer, the application of the base layer, effectively play the exemplary driving role in the development construction of the group, expand the typical aggregation and incentive effect of culture. Fully talked about the story of the story of the party, the team of the team, and established the team of the party membership tutor composed of honor lecturers, special lecturers and partyers.

According to the work plan of the Party Meeting Teachers, organize the topic training of the party membership, surrounding how to conduct a centralized training, emphasizing that the party’s class must closely combine Xu Ji actual, highly fused the center, and the party membership To make the feelings, full of passion, enthusiasm, and improve the level of speech. Improve the appearance of the cultural position to strengthen publicity environmental construction, make unified planning and clear requirements for the construction of party construction cultural publicity environment in the office, conference, plant, production environment.

Organize window demonstration units to carry out publicity environmental construction and communication, clarify the key content of the party building culture publicity environment, carry out the construction of party construction culture.

Carry out the unified "Xu Juan Xuan" logo design, reflect the nature of party construction culture, and form a personalized promotional brand. Perfecting the platform of culturalities, through hierarchical organization, in-depth "three lecture platform" activities, do a good job in the situation of the central spiritual situation and the publicity of the group decision-making deployment, and doing activities with party construction activities, spiritual civilization construction activities In combination with employee cultural activities, caring employee activities, promoting the quality education of party members and employees.

"Telling things around people, people around you, people teach people around you" are fundamental forms, through a variety of forms, different levels of lectures, forums, and classrooms to play advanced typical radiation. Combined with the theme party day activities, effectively play the body’s role of the branch and the enthusiasm of party members, all party members have new realm in their minds, and there is a new breakthrough in the idea. There is a new improvement in the quality, give full play to ordinary party members The main role in advanced sex education, "Let the advanced truly enter the hearts, let the model truly trees." Xu Ji Group continued to deepen the story, and the story of the heart is in the heart, the story is touching, "three lecture platform" to produce adsorbent people, shocking the power; in a wide coverage, the number size, all members participate, employee The participation is significantly improved; in the mechanism, the evaluation mechanism is established to improve the platform construction. According to the participant’s feedback, the platform construction is continuously improved, so that cultural communication is truly implemented.

Integration uses the "three lecture platform", Xu Ji Group continues to expand the participation of activities, improve the influence of activities, build "grassroots activities, group tour, annual observation", and stereoscopic preaching, so that "three lecture platform" "The dissemination of cultural stories is more strong, the foundation is more solid, and the practice is more deeper, and the results are more obvious.

(Xu Changshi Xu Ji Group Chen Wei) (Editor: Yu Siyuan, Yang Xianina).